Diacritics Vietnamese Artists Interview by Jade Hidle In a track titled “Burn Out Your Eyes” on Swimming to Cambodia, Nhat shares—interestingly, via the voice of a guest female singer—the story of his journey from Việt Nam to the United States:  “Michael Nhat, originally named Van, was born on November 12th, 1974 in a village outside ofContinue reading “DIACRITICS VIETNAMESE ARTISTS INTERVIEW”

The Interview on Acid (literally)

by Isaac Takeuchi I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the inimitable Michael Nhat for a good four years now, and he’s certainly one of the most prolific and unique artists in Los Angeles. Once called “the Ariel Pink of Los Angeles hip hop,” Nhat’s sound has a breadth equal to its innovation. He has seven albums recorded, theContinue reading “The Interview on Acid (literally)”

Being Myself is Getting me Nowhere

“Being Myself is Getting Me Nowhere” by Michael Nhat question things among yourselves but always trust your dentist invite her to lunch tomorrow (even though a month later she’ll say “just friends”) make a resume based on things i care about like falling through roofs imagine back then so you don’t forget the meaning ofContinue reading “Being Myself is Getting me Nowhere”

Swimming to Cambodia (The 2nd Album) by Michael Nhat

http://vimeo.com/michaelnhat/allihearissilence (microwaving the grissle) This album started out as The November Album which i was planning to release in november. The great change in mood and setting between this album and the first one is vast. So, to prepare listeners i made plans to create from scratch an EP and call it Swimming to CambodiaContinue reading “Swimming to Cambodia (The 2nd Album) by Michael Nhat”


written and directed by champoy hate starring me and lis bomb from my 2nd album “Swimming to Cambodia” availabe August 31, 2010 “Pay Me and I’ll Tell you” by Michael Nhat We shot this video before we even knew what song it was for Champ asked me a day or two before if he couldContinue reading “1st video from “SWIMMING TO CAMBODIA” (2ND ALBUM)”