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New 7inch Vinyl “A Reasonable Man” EP

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“A Reasonable Man” 7inch Vinyl

  1. A Reasonable Man
  2. The Tallest Asian Man In The World
  3. Fuck The Living Dead
  4. I’ll Take A Sickle

ORDER HERE https://michaelnhat.bandcamp.com/album/a-reasonable-man-ep






onslaught COVER

Michael Nhat – “Onslaught”

Dear Dearists,

Today I am excited to announce the recording of “Onslaught”. A 13 track album written and produced by myself. I have had the artwork, title, and sound I knew I wanted since 2007, but it’s taken me 7 years to make this happen. It was worth the wait. Let me tell you about each song.

1. “The Wrong Charlie To Fuck With”
This is about racism. I was determined to make something that was in the same vain of “The Wrong Nigga To Fuck With” by Icecube. Nailed it!

2. “Skin Hanging Off”
In middle school I had a handful of obsessions. One of them was horror films. This song talks about how I built a life-scale Freddy Krueger Claw from scratch.

3. “Don’t We Pay For Splatter?”
I have abandonment issues. I don’t let my guard down these days. I think it’s because I did as a child and was hurt. I think I got attached to some foster siblings and this is about the consequences of that. It’s about a best friend who was like a brother to me. We lived together. We went through the same racism together. And in the end he left too, and my reaction was beating him with a bike chain lock.

4. “Holy Smoke” 
I get high. I get so high that it’s dangerous for me because I black out right where I am standing. This is about the dangers of landing after falling. It seems I’ve landed and left dents in doors or almost land with my face on the corner of a cinder black.

5. “I’m Acrophobic”
I made a beat that ended with some intense noise. I must have been high. I was listening to get some ideas to write about and the conclusion made me think of falling. I thought, maybe this is the harsh sounds of wind we’d hear from first hand experience. I became so engulfed in that happening to me, that I started to cry. So I started writing about that. Falling and fear of heights.

6. Bucktooth (Awkward Japanese Troops)
When I was a child I remember watching Bugs Bunny. I remember every now and then an older cartoon of his would play and it’d have these racist caricatures of Japanese Soldiers. I remember feeling confused. I didn’t understand it at first, but as I got older I realized I don’t live in a country that wants to see Asian-Americans succeed. 

7. “Chong Kim
This is a true story about young woman who was tricked and forced into prostitution and escaped it years later. I have a strong empathy for women. I think I am a closet feminist.

8. “The Plates Full Of Insects”
The first verse is about signing up to hear an audible sound that kills you with decibels. It was inspired by a Japanese cyber-punk film “Rubber’s Lover“. The second verse is about these horrific thoughts I was having for a few months straight of my penis getting sliced up by razors. I later realize the pain in my penis after rough sex was was inspiring me to think about pain in that area. I did not enjoy the pain, but every now and then it makes me scared someone is going to razor up me up in my sleep.

9. “We Got Hammers That Replace Our Hands”
I didn’t realize it until after i finished this song, but it resembles an old song of mine people used to like “Everyone Knows Werewolves Kill”, but better. This is also the first song I recorded for “Onslaught”.

10. “Be Afraid Of The Old”
I performed this once and sent the lyrics in a mass email like this in 2010. I finally recorded it this year. I knew it was going to go on this album. It’s a rebuttal to family, friends that say “You’re never going to make it”. Or “Get a real job”. Every unsuccessful musician with support like that should hear this. It’s a shame to see talent get talked into quitting by the people you think will be there for you. I hope this song gives you something to think about when people you know doubt you and your passion or creative endeavors.

11. “Birth To Something That Isn’t Human”
Have you seen “Eraserhead” by David Lynch? This is my cover of that film. That’s right a cover. I didn’t go the “feel-good” route with this one. I wanted it to have a haunting stab of strings to match the terrifying content and overall theme.

12. “A Song About Racism For Asians”
The title says it all.

13. “Praying For Time”
When I finished the album I knew I wanted a cover song to end it. I recorded Nirvana’s “All Apologies”, Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time”, and Radiohead’s “Like Spinning Plates (Live Version). I wasn’t happy with the results.I decided on doing one more. George Michael’s “Praying For Time” just fit.
Download “Onslaught” at:

New: Songs With Friends EP

Rare Demos, B-Sides, & Collaborations with Sam Yurick, Maestro Gamin, LinaCarol, Xerebrl, Passive65ive, Kid Infinity, Luna Is Honey, Sequence, Nathan Nice, Justin Time, Foci, Dumbfoundead aka Parker

released 01 April 2014
Produced by myself

Produced by Michael Nhat 2005 – 2014



Songs With Friends EP Album Cover


1. Outside Your Definition Of A Prize (featuring Sam Yurick and Maestro Gamin)
In 2009 or 2010, I met Sam at one of my shows. He bought commented on my record and bought it. I seen coming to another show of mine at The Echo, but I had just finished and was leaving. That’s all I knew of Sam Yurick. Years later, I think another member of Sams group, Charles Mallison, asked me to collaborate. He frequented LA scene as much as I did, so I saw him more often than Sam. Plus, he’s half Asian, so I assume one of the two or both made him more comfortable to approach me. Anyways, that’s how I met Sam and came to collab with him. I met Maestro through Dylan Doren. I imagine Dylan played him something of mine and he must have liked it. Then I was leaving one morning and right when I stepped out the door, Maestro was sitting in the car on street in front of me waiting for the light to change. He yells out my name and says he wants me in his group. I yelled back to email me. A month or so later He came to one of my shows at The Smell and bought my LP and booked me at one of his shows. In 2012, I tried to start supergroup with rappers I knew called The Best People In The World. It never gelled. We made maybe four songs. Maestro and Sam were invited to a part of the group. They were the first to record their verses. Some of the other members never recorded at all, so this song is me going back to that project and finishing one more song.

2. I Was Born With Two Heads (featuring LinaCarol)
This song was originally recorded to a sampled beat I made in 2005. It was for an unreleased November Album. The rules of that album were everything had to a beat I made from 2005 and only recorded on cassette tape. After hearing it again I decided we should re-record it because I liked the lyrics.

3. Liquid Strange (featuring Xerebrl)
Bill is a friend I made on Myspace in 2005. He came to party in Pasadena I was playing at that year. Then we shot some fetish videos with his girlfriend at the time. A memorable one was shooting them making out inside a packed church in the middle of the aisle. We got kicked out. A year later, before I could afford a computer or anything to do with the footage someone stole the camera from my studio while I was at work. I think it was my apartment manager or maintenance. They said they were going to repair something in the day. So the footage is forever lost. Then we were hanging out downtown one evening. I bought a bmx bike from a homeless guy for five bucks and I let Bill borrow the bike. Someone stole it from his garage. We didn’t talk or hang out for a long after that. I was never bitter about the bike. Maybe he thought I was. He randomly emailed in 2013 about his music project Xerebrl and asked if I wanted to collab.

4. Basements (featuring Passive65ive)
We’ve never met. We’re both down with Paramanu. This was an internet collab.

5. Sticky Gate (featuring Sam Yurick)
The first sounds you here fading in are how the beat was originally with the same drums when Sam begins. After we recorded our verses, I played around with the beat.

6. Nails And Grease (featuring LinaCarol)
We were homeless when we made this. I used to live in Kensington for a brief time and I befriended Greg from the venue The Ox. He came to LA to visit and his friend he was staying at let us stay there too. After jamming with Greg with his drum machine and whatnot I made this beat with his equipment. He was supposed to write to it also, but he couldn’t think of anything. So only two of did.

7. Summertime (featuring Kid Infinity and Luna Is Honey)
I met Josh from Luna Is Honey in 2008 at a show I was playing for a private “Smell show”. After I performed, he asked me to play at Mr. T’s in Highland Park. This show was a lot of my friends introduction to me. It was my first show with anything affiliated with The Smell. I got booked at like five places that night. And every weekend after that it felt like the snowball affect was happening. Everytime I played a show in the “LA scene” i got booked for another or more. Anyways, that’s how I met Josh. He sings the hook. I don’t remember how where or when I met Ryan from Kid Infinity. I think we were booked together, maybe that Highland Park show, and we became good friends since. For two rappers, who hang out often, you figure we’d have something newer than this. But this was lost for years, I finally found it on a drive. I wanted to release it on Collected Songs 3.

8. Army Of The Dead (featuring Sequence, Nathan NiceJustin Time aka Old YoungFociDumbfoundead)
In 2005, I tried to start a supergroup called Dead Calm. Everyone came to my place and recorded the verses into a shitty 30 dollar mic. We recorded 8 Songs via Tascam Porta 01 four-track. Then I put them on CD. Then Jonathan aka Dumbfoundead joined the group, but I couldn’t get the two tracks he recorded on CD. They stayed on four-track cassette tape unheard and forgotten for 7 years. In 2012, Andrew Felix lent his Tascam to me (Which I killed the mabuchi with recording so much). I realized I need to get all this old stuff on tape onto the computer. So I did. Army Of The Dead was one of the songs resurrected.

New T-Shirt: Hyenas Because Hyenas

I drew this in 2006 with an ink pen on white paper. I scanned it and planned to make it an album cover for something that didn’t exist yet.  I do that often. I make the album covers then record the sound based on what I personally would like to hear from it upon viewing it the first time at a store. Seven years later the sound I wanted for it is ready.

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Thanks for your support!

Free Download – Beautiful Ones (A Prince Cover)

Are you ready for some Prince? I know I am not that great of a singer, but I like to do it for fun. Yesterday from start to finish I completed a cover of his “Beautiful Ones”. I didn’t use any guitars or any live instruments, just a computer. I’m pretty sure If any hardcore Prince fans here this, they’ll condemn me to hell for destroying it. I don’t care I like it. Let the yelling and wailing begin.

Otis Redding Was Playing The First Time I Did Crack

Otis Redding Was Playing When I First Smoked Crack
by Michael Nhat

In the beginning of the summer of 1996 I smoked crack. Otis Redding’s Greatest Hits just happened to be playing. I was in Clinton, Iowa at a friends house. I don’t remember how the desire to try crack came up, but I had easy access to some. I was storing crack in my parents ceiling for a friend who paid me 100 a month. That night, I must have drove home, and drove back then to sell crack to my friends back at his place and that’s when he put in Otis Redding. I’ve heard his music before, but couldn’t think where, then I nailed it, “Dream a Little Dream Of Me”. Some 80’s romantic comedy where they play “I’ve Got Dreams To Remember” which was playing right now. I was an instant fan. And not just because I was smoking crack. I was a music connoisseur of all genres. At this particular time I was in a 60’s/70’s soul/oldies phase. I hunted songs down. I don’t even remember how I did it without the internet back then, but I did. Anyways, this didn’t need hunting down. I went out and bought the double-disc of hits and the B-sides/Alternate takes disc right away. Continue reading “Otis Redding Was Playing The First Time I Did Crack”