No one Completes You

me: what are you doing friday? want to hang out? her: friday? i work until 6:30. yeah let’s hang out. (an hour later a friend meets up with us) friend: i want to see “where the wild things are!” her: me too!  want to go see it friday?! friend: alright i’ll go with you. whatContinue reading “No one Completes You”

Michael Nhat 12 inch LP

“Fiercely intelligent, standout lyrics—dark, irreverent, and brutally honest—sear over the unabashedly catchy music, comprised of homemade synth beats and/or snappy, classy samples. Nhat’s inimitable throaty voice and perfectly enunciated rapid-fire delivery (with just the right dose of attitude) complete the outfit” – LA RECORD   Album Cover Photography by Elizabeth Ann