5th Album Released Today “Those Born of a Ghost”

“An underground genre-blending artist who is really pushing the envelop. Rap, spoken word that sounds like Old Dirty Bastard aboard the Double Duch Bus. “Clocks and Monsters” touches upon many life issues, and also breaks into a slightly “singy” hook for the chorus. This track tastes like a combination of several obscure 90’s tracks like “Mr. Wendel” and “88 Lines About 44 Women” but that is in the harmonic content and beats. 

“Isn’t a Hero Just Someone Who Kills Foreigners” has some kind of political message with overdubbed demented harmonies, acid references and quirky interesting rhythmic choices for the vocal delivery. It mostly seems like free-association word play amongst the samples and frantic beat changes. There is a strange “too-experimental” outro to the track which made me triple take to make sure I didn’t click somewhere else though.

“Crazy” “Out There” “Weird” – all of these phrases would accurately describe the music created by Michael Nhat, but he at least gets mega points for creativity in a world of copycats.”
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New 18 Song Album “Those Born of a Ghost” available on cassette tape limited 100 copies in April 30, 2013. There is also some vocal collaborations with Dylan Doren, The Little Red Writer, Magick Orchids and Barrie Rose. In spitting distance from albums “Living Room” and “Swimming to Cambodia”, this new one is also sample abundant. It starts off with a simple piano and drum kick sampled from Mel Torme for “Exquisite Corpse”. “Raining Knives” is an all singing and no rapping turn over Tito Puente sample including snibbets in the beginng of Woody Allen’s “Zelig”. A Wayne Newton borrowed “A Love Like This” is a catchy hook and verse break-up song. Overall, it’s a darker album than “Living Room”, but not as horrorcore as “Swimming to Cambodia” and less hipster than the self-titled debut and third installment “Just Plain Dying”.
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Those Born of a Ghost by Michael Nhat (5th album)

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