There’s Death in Tomorrow

New Music Video – There’s Death in Tomorrow
Starring Isaac Takeuchi
From “Just Plain Dying” cassette tape on I Had An Accident Records


I was hanging out at the Vermont House in 2008 when Isaac told me he had a panty collection of girls he slept with. At that time, I was jotting ideas for an experimental art film I wanted to shoot and I thought this might be a good scene. 2 years later, Isaac and I got together at my place in Silverlake (Where Shaddy from Home Room lives now) and we shot a music video with his collection. I didn’t have a computer newer than 2002, so editing this HD footage was impossible without bugging friends to let me sit on their computers. For the next 3 years, I managed to get a few videos edited and published on a shoestring, while still shooting more footage than I could release, thus I have a lot of unseen, unedited, unused footage just accumulating from 2007 – present (half of it became DISHES).

In 2013, my fiance’ discovered she has Windows Movie Maker on her work computer. I know you’re all like, “Big deal who doesn’t?” … well, me. I don’t and I have been desperate to edit footage before I get killed in a bicycle/car accident or die from a premature stroke thanks to my high salt intake. So, even though I shoot my stuff with an AVCHD camera, lately, I’ve chose to compromise that quality just so I can get these music videos finished by editing with an inferior video editing software program.

So, if I’m putting too many emails with things I made in your inbox these next few months, forgive me, I’m trying to play catch-up with my vids. Now go click on the photo or here for the music video.

Sincerely, Michael

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"Above most lyrical works around him" - LA Record

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