LIVE: Pasadena at Old Towne Pub

Pasadena Show flyer 2018 June 29th Sunday


Coming Soon: Eating Flesh Off Bones

Coming Soon: “Eating Flesh Off Bones” on limited 50 Cassette Tapes on Bonding Tapes 

Summer 2018

  1. The Gook That Couldn’t Fly
  2. This Usual Propaganda
  3. Marvelous (feat. Big Epoch)
  4. I Remain
  5. Where’s Your Manners?
  6. The Devil Collected (feat. K-The-i???)
  7. They’re Scared That We Won’t Need Them (Aliens 4)
  8. Cardiac Arrest (feat. Tolliver)
  9. Vampire Hunger (feat. Bullets Are Extinct)
  10. As We Know It
  11. We Stay Patient (feat. Ohm Aota)
  12. I Got The Magic Numbers (feat. Bizzart)
  13. Never Basic
  14. Eating Flesh Off Bones

Eating Flesh Off Bones Cover art 2