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I wrote the lyrics in 2003, recorded them to an entirely different production. I exploited a few classical songs I don’t know the name of and put an old dusty drum to it with a sample of the horror film “Henry” at the end. I released it on a demo in 2005 called “Bad Moon for The Werewolf to Kill You” and called it “I Thought You Said You Stabbed Her?”. It was a lot darker than this version 8 years later.

Winter of 2012 I recorded the beat you hear now, and for some reason singer/songwriter Nite Jewel came into my head. I started thinking about how she’d sound singing on it. Then I wondered if she would like it, if she ever heard it. Fast forward to February 22, 2013 I record the lyrics and name it “Jewel”.

Dead toxic like laying in the food
talking to a poltergeist that will do
anything that makes them laugh
so confused and words of
have you know when born again
pee kung koi it scares some friends
clouds of fog the world is filled
darkness in the air you hear

city of the living dead
something on the news had read
I hear that revenge is sweet
this is where they finally meet

Falling down a 1000 steps
as some kind of pre-planned death
everyone is someone’s child
somehow we can not forget
knowing that your god itself
and crying because you hate yourself
looking in the mirror for
anything that’s not yourself

and it sounded something like
and it sounded something like
something like something like
haunted souls and words I sing

Published by Ten-Headed Skeleton

"Above most lyrical works around him" - LA Record

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