Jesus Was A Gook

This is the second song I’ve written so far for “Heads On Sticks”. (Note: And I just finished “Onslaught” last … More

“I’ve Made 25 Recordings in 5 Years”

Who cares about trying to stop Miley Cyrus from partying?  I should be the one you try to stop. From … More

I’m Conceited

Yesterday my roommate told me she dated a guy a long time ago that told her i was really conceited … More

Disconcerted Romanticism

“Disconcerted Romanticism” by Michael Nhat If i were to film the life of christ i would film the scenes that … More

buy indie stuff

i like buying from indie stores because it makes me feel good knowing my money isn’t going to some overpaid … More

No one Completes You

me: what are you doing friday? want to hang out? her: friday? i work until 6:30. yeah let’s hang out. … More