Jesus Was A Gook

This is the second song I’ve written so far for “Heads On Sticks”. (Note: And I just finished “Onslaught” last week, so that will be released first).

“Jesus Was A Gook”

by Michael Nhat

Some people’s

Hero’s John Wayne mine’s Ron Ridenhour

the man who found the power in himself to report the cowards

showered the Congress with letters about a Massacre

in My Lai, if you haven’t heard of the

1968 mass murder by whom?

the United States of America Calley and his troops

who came to murder 3 hundred and forty seven

unarmed civilians mostly women and children

living in poverty – such an atrocity

but nobody gives a fuck because they’re Vietnamese Continue reading “Jesus Was A Gook”


“I’ve Made 25 Recordings in 5 Years”

lyrics by Michael Nhat

Who cares about trying to stop Miley Cyrus from partying?  I should be the one you try to stop. From 2008-2013 I have recorded 25 full-length albums, to me that’s a lot. 15 of them have never been released and never heard by anyone before. I have compiled the list in the order of the year they were made. The photo is all my lyrics next to a cassette tape for reference. And yesterday I uploaded 68 unused/unreleased demos onto the computer. If I stick to making the 8 disc box set “Massacre’s Make History”, they’ll be on it.
PS: The year after the title is when I recorded the project, not it’s release date.

1000 Apes in a Room – Attack of The Apes 2008

1000 Apes in a Room – (unreleased untitled 2nd album) 2008

Self titled 2008

Apekillape 2009 (unreleased)

Better savage 2010 (unreleased)

Polite Society or Murder – self-titled 2010 (unreleased)

Swimming to Cambodia 2010

Collected Songs Volume 1. 2010

Just plain dying 2010

We Dress Good EP 2010

Living room 2010

Those Born of a Ghost 2011

Gentlemen Prefer Brunettes – self-titled 2011 (unreleased)

Picnic 2011 (unreleased)

Just Plain Dying Pt2 2011 (unreleased)

Michael Nhat & Barrie Rose Demos 2011 (unreleased)

Fair Amounts of Debauchery and Blood 2011 (unreleased)

Bats on Promenade 2011 (unreleased)

Collected Songs Pt2 2011

Michael Nhat & Dylan Doren – self-titled EP 2012 (unreleased)

Untitled (Recorded on old 2005 Normal Tape Speed beats) (Unreleased) 2012

Kitchen EP 2012

Untitled No Rap/Singing Only Album 2013 (unreleased)

Melt 2013

Infected by Devils 2013 (unreleased)

Collected Songs Pt3 (unreleased)

I Hope I Die on April Fools Day by Michael Nhat

photo: Michael Nhat

“I Hope I Die on April Fools Day”
by Michael Nhat

Just because you can doesn’t mean you have a right to
Just because you have the right to doesn’t mean you should
Everyone has a story to tell
Here’s where we argue on who is next to murder
Her price on love depends on what you look like
Kill yourself to get away from your feelings for someone who doesn’t love you
Apologizing for my existence
Maybe when you comeback to life you’ll be nothing like you were before, did you think we just met?
No one misses you when you’re there everyday
No one wants you unless someone else does
No one wants you when you’re alive
When I was 21 I thought people at 27 were old
When I was 28 I thought 21 year olds were self-centered
I thought undeniable chemistry was enough for her to be with me
She thought making things was enough for me to not need anyone
Latex is not sexy
Linda wants a cat named Moscow (no one unscrambled it in last one)
Normal people rarely make history
I’m sorry I don’t show how I feel, I’m scared you won’t like me
I Hope I die on April Fools Day (so it can be unbelievable)

Being Myself is Getting me Nowhere

“Being Myself is Getting Me Nowhere”

by Michael Nhat

question things among yourselves but always trust your dentist
invite her to lunch tomorrow
(even though a month later she’ll say “just friends”)
make a resume based on things i care about like falling through roofs
imagine back then so you don’t forget the meaning of generosity 
learn to read bad handwriting
no one eats bat anymore
name your curtains in case they ever talk back
always hope the worst for people it gives you self-esteem
i first talked about hate in 1993
love traditions they are good for your joints 
i always eat pho on my birthday
The line of crooked teeth
my shoes are black
adnil tsaw a tac nmdea wcomso
what leaves you speechless?
Marvel multiplied to an infinite degree yet you’re losing yourself to the common cold
(I’ve lost count)
“no word could exude life like an image could”
make them die slowly
no one knows how miserable i am because i’m too embarressed to write it
but i know my fate
ignored in my lifetime like david hume
and get famous after i die in the plane crash i was suppossed to die in along time ago
(i want in on the bets)
i am proud to die saying i have never been to disneyland
i am proud to die saying i have never been to a stripclub

the only thing i have learned from trying to meet someone new is how to get shot and not bleed anymore

don’t commit suicide or you’ll never get your deposit back on the apartment
being myself is getting me nowhere
(maybe i should take up acting)

Disconcerted Romanticism

“Disconcerted Romanticism”

by Michael Nhat
If i were to film the life of christ i would film the scenes that were left out

“my version of the life of christ is like, everything they didn’t show” – from Leti, Leslie, and Marianne….

Hold you in suspense for days on end (Giono)
Everything is Successful because of a misunderstandin​g
Thanks to cultural alibi, there is no such thing as noble or plebeian subject
(This one is about choice)

I Don’t know how to tell a story

but at the end i’m going to feature an asian woman never mentioned previously telling us a story about failing to make her parents happy so she murders her unsuccessful lover (her parents) despise and gets a telemarketing job that allows their employees to wear denim blue jeans and sneakers to work where the office is always cold because it lowers the body temperature, thus preventing them from becoming tired at work.
i want to get to the point in my life where i make you regret that you left me…..

(This is about being okay with loneliness by not opening up, then meeting someone and opening up and that person leaves you)
She’s only herself when she’s smoking cigarrettes

​I Grew up repulsed by my sister smoking
She’s used to being afraid of losing people

I’m used to years of having no one but i’m okay with it because everyone leaves
she asked her bf before me to marry her

she has always been the one to ask her lovers out

no one hits on me (Lis Bomb and Andrew Felix are the good-looking ones in the band)
she has always gotten heartbroken and left (until me)
and I usually do the breaking up (until her)

she has never dated anyone she really wanted but settled out of fear of being alone

(but she accuses me of it with her)

i finally got my tattoo that said, “i have better taste in movies than you”

he’s just a friend, he’s the last person in the world she’d date
i guess i don’t have to worry about you leaving me and then dating him right after, so yeah sure he can spend the night or vice versa, i trust you
her: i didn’t tell you i had feelings for him out of respect

​me:​ you didn’t tell me just because of respect, but also because if i knew you two liked each other i’d ask if you didn’t hang out with him
​Moral Anarchy (Friends lie)

Child Abandoment

​Everyone Pigeonholes Adventure

​People forget they exist

A Way of selecting certain scenes than others
Christina: I felt weird doing that with you because it made me think of him

Raven: She’s not even cute Michael and her new boyfriend is creepy

​Yara:​ that same exact thing just happened to me!

Tania: My bf left me for his cousin, your gf left you and dated her brother

Deseret:​ That is really fucked up i can’t believe it

​(​Anonymous friend)​:​ Well, I never liked him anyways

Did you think it hurt when i cut her? said the kid

by michael nhat (naught)

i wonder if anyone has watched and paid attention to that line in the movie a boy and his dog at the very beginning, he was one of the rapists.

inspiration or thievery?

little red riding hood is based on a peasant tale about an uncle who molests/ed his niece and murdered her family member (i don’t know if it was aunt or grandma)
no one says ragdog anymore

we used to wear top hats
(i only commit to efforts in getting commercially successful is because i’m scared of getting imitated by a watered down and contrived version of me who becomes recognized for something he or she ripped off from me, yes i said the word me) how the hell am i suppossed to see the picture?

buy indie stuff

i like buying from indie stores because it makes me feel good knowing my money isn’t going to some overpaid giant.

i like buying indie albums brand new because (maybe i’m wrong) but i thought it would give numbers to soundscan which would make the industry say to itself, “hey this kind of music does sell, maybe we should look into this” and they’d get a clue that there are a significant number of people who will buy this kind of hiphop. and after learning that maybe they’d stop forcefeeding the masses pop rap and perhaps put a balance of both or all kinds of hiphop in the exposure i feel is needed.

i used to not want anything to do with majors and mtv etc. and i wanted to do things like perform everywhere i can be successful like bands in the 60’s and 70’s without mtv’s help. but then i realized shit.. this isn’t then. i can’t think that way.

if thom yorke and bjork can be on majors and release authentic music why can’t we?

i first heard about slick rick, eric b and rakim, heavy d., bdp, stop the violence, public enemy, etc because i saw their videos on yo mtv raps.

if hiphop from then came out now with the same exact beats and style, they wouldn’t be on majors. they’d be indie. and they wouldn’t have the status or respect they do as much either.

the point is times have changed.