Jesus Was A Gook

This is the second song I’ve written so far for “Heads On Sticks”. (Note: And I just finished “Onslaught” last week, so that will be released first). “Jesus Was A Gook” by Michael Nhat Some people’s Hero’s John Wayne mine’s Ron Ridenhour the man who found the power in himself to report the cowards showeredContinue reading “Jesus Was A Gook”

“I’ve Made 25 Recordings in 5 Years”

Who cares about trying to stop Miley Cyrus from partying?  I should be the one you try to stop. From 2008-2013 I have recorded 25 full-length albums, to me that’s a lot. 15 of them have never been released and never heard by anyone before. I have compiled the list in the order of theContinue reading ““I’ve Made 25 Recordings in 5 Years””

I Hope I Die on April Fools Day by Michael Nhat

photo: Michael Nhat “I Hope I Die on April Fools Day” by Michael Nhat Just because you can doesn’t mean you have a right to Just because you have the right to doesn’t mean you should Everyone has a story to tell Here’s where we argue on who is next to murder Her price onContinue reading “I Hope I Die on April Fools Day by Michael Nhat”

Being Myself is Getting me Nowhere

“Being Myself is Getting Me Nowhere” by Michael Nhat question things among yourselves but always trust your dentist invite her to lunch tomorrow (even though a month later she’ll say “just friends”) make a resume based on things i care about like falling through roofs imagine back then so you don’t forget the meaning ofContinue reading “Being Myself is Getting me Nowhere”

Disconcerted Romanticism

“Disconcerted Romanticism” by Michael Nhat If i were to film the life of christ i would film the scenes that were left out “my version of the life of christ is like, everything they didn’t show” – from Leti, Leslie, and Marianne…. Hold you in suspense for days on end (Giono) Everything is Successful becauseContinue reading “Disconcerted Romanticism”

Did you think it hurt when i cut her? said the kid

i wonder if anyone has watched and paid attention to that line in the movie a boy and his dog at the very beginning, he was one of the rapists. inspiration or thievery? little red riding hood is based on a peasant tale about an uncle who molests/ed his niece and murdered her family memberContinue reading “Did you think it hurt when i cut her? said the kid”