City Of Reptiles (Short Comedy) Starring Ten-Headed Skeleton as Nightmare Henry Mark as The Punk Barrie Rose as Larry (Aka Top Dollar) Aaron Umetani as Pizza Petey Walt Gorecki as Mackness Dusty Clouds as Donuts Jon Navarro as Pot Baller Tara Kim as Cindy Kevin Coong as Skin Finder 1 Scott Arthur as Skin Finder 2 Christina Tanuki asContinue reading “City Of Reptiles (Short Comedy)”

Free Download: The Gangster Tapes 1995-1999 Before trap had a designated genre, my friends and I were recording it in the 90’s unknowing it’d become what it is today. Today I present to you “The Gangster Tapes 1995-1999” a Free Download on Bandcamp. In these tapes it’s evident I was recording songs about Racism for Asian-Americans two decades ago, andContinue reading “Free Download: The Gangster Tapes 1995-1999”

All Birds Born Wingless (Episodes 11-15)

Season 1 I embraced my issues and decided to break the Asian stereotypes that we have it “made” and showcase mine in music, then that transcended into a reality show because there’s obviously stuff I would never rap about that wouldn’t work well in song but work better  in video. Before I recorded a secondContinue reading “All Birds Born Wingless (Episodes 11-15)”