Album: “The Witch that was Guilty, But Silently Watched Your Daughter’s Burn” Out Now


“Challenging the listener through perplexing themes, spacious production, inventive beats, and so much more, Ten-Headed Skeleton has truly outdone himself on his newest project, The Witch that was Guilty, But Silently Watched Your Daughters Burn. You can only imagine how much music consistently gets sent our way, and with that, this undoubtedly has stuck out among the pack due to its extreme versatility and ability to sound like nothing we’ve experienced. It touches on so many new styles and genres” – WEWRITEABOUTMUSIC.COM

11 Songs written and produced by Ten-Headed Skeleton (Except cover song “Shout” written by Isley Brothers)

“a truly standout project, serving up a whole underworld of sounds. The opening track ‘Show Me The Haunted House’, with retro bit-crusher effects and video game distortion sets the tone for the rest of the album. Tracks like ‘Until the Flesh Came Off’ then play with gory interview tapes and dichotomies between upbeat dance/pop rhythms and horror-tinged sounds; whilst others feature incredibly outlandish and morbid lyrics. Standout tracks 6 and 7 are highlights in the album for their distinctive and darkly catchy hooks like ‘Replace your teeth with five-inch knives’ and ‘All you need is love All you need is love, All you need is a push off a cliff‘”


“Here is the contrast-the instrumental background is straight out of a video game soundtrack, and Ten Headed Skeleton has some choice verses that he raps over them. Each instrumental varies, and so does his lyrical flow… Knife and Until the Flesh Comes Off show his superior sense of flow, all the instrumentals merely a way to keep the beat ticking. The cartoonish appeal lies in the details of the track as well, the wonderment being in the confidence Ten Headed Skeleton has in his verse abilities.


Ten-Headed Skeleton – The Witch that was Guilty But Silently Watched Your Daughter’s Burn

“Doomsday on Parade” Single Featured on “Noob Saibot” Compilation Vol. 1

Illuminated Paths Records released a new hip-hop compilation Noob Saibot Vol. 1 featuring new work from artists Kool Keith, Passage (Anticon), Myka9, and my exclusive single “Doomsday on Parade” (Track 11). You can download it or buy the cassette tape here $12.00


Written and Directed by Ten-Headed Skeleton

In a dystopian Downtown LA where 80 percent of Earth’s population disappeared without explanation. Two survivors spend Halloween night in an abandoned building. One of them claims to see people the other doesn’t. Is this a result of his mental deterioration? Is he lying? Or is he really seeing a ghost?

There’s No One There by Ten-Headed Skeleton

New EP “Rarities & Remixes II”

New EP with some unreleased/new songs, a couple new remixes I made, and some songs written and recorded in 2020 for the “A Real American Villain” album

“Boat” featuring Michelle Sudarsono (A Real American Villain)

“Sarcophagic” (3rd Version)

“Zombie Wolf” (Remix from Tunes of Terror Vol. 3)

“Life Doesn’t Make Sense to Me” (New/Unreleased)

“Bowie Doesn’t Mention the Boiling Water feat. ID Obelus (Pen Theif Records Single/A Real American Villain)

“There’s Always Someone Getting Burned Alive III” (New/Unreleased)

“Let’s Go” feat. ID Obelus/P0isonTree/Bullets Are Extinct (A Real American Villain)

I Can Make a Complete Beat in 20 Minutes

can make a beat in 20 minutes, an album in 5 days, a music video in 12 hours, write a script in a week, write a song in 30 minutes. How am I still broke? Answer: Oh yeah, I don’t do it for money. So, I guess that mentality is holding me back. I’ve been treating music like a hobby my entire life, but expecting deluded results because in the past I’ve experienced rewards beyond my expectations. Which by default, shifted/raised my expectations, but it’s not 2009 anymore. I need to decide to switch my mentality or switch my expectations.