Capes in the Cleaner

Ten-Headed Skeleton

I have a lot going on for 2022. I’m almost finished with my Feature Length Comedy, Two new Solo albums already recorded that I want to get help with putting on vinyl or tape or CD, and I’m bringing back my monthly event “Murder Scene Party” at a bike shop in DTLA. Stay tuned!

Thank you for Listening!

Thank you everyone for listening to my music. I don’t care about getting underpaid by #Spotify because I don’t do it for money. If I did it for money I would have quit years ago like a lot of other acts whose goal was monetary gain, and once they didn’t see that materialize, they quit because “We’re going nowhere”. My goal is for the music to exist for you to listen to, so my goal is easily attainable, making me be your local constant until the day I die.


This episode of Alll Birds Born Wingless 17 I meet up with Turtl of Lunar Pistols and record three tracks at his studio in Highland Park. Gajah showed up at the last minute as we were ending the session, but we will write to one of my beats with all three of us for the next session. Tati wants a “Tati Party” and decides I need “Compliment” training because I never do it. Stick around for the end to hear a new song “Ted Bundy’s Ugly”.

Ten-Headed Skeleton at Turtl’s Studio in Highland Park