New Album: The Severing

The Severing by Ten-Headed Skeleton

Horror: What Are You Scared Of?

Grindhouse: A term used to describe a movie that sacrifices the traditional film-making concepts such as good acting, character development, production values, creative directing and an understandable plot outline in favor for sex, gore, nudity, violence and other shocking themes.

My next film, while my comedy sequels (City Of Reptiles 1-3) are on hold is a Grindhouse film for the Arthouse snobs. Meaning it will be bloody and shocking, but it will be contrasted with creative directing. character development, and Bela Tarr inspired camerawork.
(A Turn Off Your Brain and Eat Popcorn Horror)
  • Highly Improbable Ridiculous Premise? Check
  • Blood and Gore? Check
  • Likeable Protagonist/Underdog? Check
  • Horrifying Score? Check
  • Downtown LA Shots? Check
  • Asian Representation? Check
  • COVID-19 Racism? Check
  • Unforgettable Creepy Villain? Check
  • Dumbed Down title? Check





City Of Reptiles (Conspiracy Theory Comedy – Pt 1 of a Trilogy)

Humans laugh at funny movies.
Humans laugh when you tell them you saw UFO’s in the sky.
With that said, “City Of Reptiles” has twice the power of comedy.
Will Your Friends Believe You?

city part one cover