If I Made The Beats For 90’s Rappers Mixtape

The Ten-Headed Skeleton Remixes
“If I Made Beats For 90’s Rappers”

  1. Public Enemy – Hazy Shade Of Criminal
  2. Keith Murray – It’s That Hit
  3. U-God – Bizzare
  4. Method Man & Redman – Tear The Roof Off
  5. KRS-One – Ah Yeah
  6. A Tribe Called Quest – 1nce Again
  7. Public Enemy – B-Side Wins Again
  8. Public Enemy – Bring The Noise
  9. Dr. Dre & B-Real – Puppetmaster




They Made The Beats Volume 1. Mixtape

Since I usually make my beats, I wanted to do something different and release a project dedicated to me rapping on beats I didn’t make. This mixtape is 7 tracks recorded between 2009-2018. Production Credits include: Angry Crow, Igor Amokian, Isaac TakeuchiZachary VidalJay FranciscoEthnomite Pux

Ten-Headed Skeleton - They Made The Beats Cover volume 2

Crazy Poor Asian

“Crazy Poor Asian”

By Ten-Headed Skeleton

I got sick of people thinking Asians have it made so I chose to only rap about hardships, when everyone wants privileged rap

I got sick of people saying if you have the internet you have no excuse being unsuccessful

I got sick of being unsuccessful while having the internet so I started spamming my music on social media

I got sick of being called a desperate loser for spamming music on social media, so I stopped that shit

I got sick of being cheated on so I left my fiancé’

I got sick of seeing my friends posting their parties with her and the home wrecker, so I stopped following friends

I got sick of being lonely and ignoring my yearn for companionship, so I tried talking to girls online

I got sick of being ignored so I remembered I’m too short and ugly anyways, so I stopped trying

I got sick of being scared I’m going to waste my time and get hurt again, so I only respond to women professionally

I got sick of people thinking I ask women to be in videos to hit on them, so I started casting men

I got sick of holding back my ideas so I started asking women again

I got sick of being alive so I promised myself I’d release everything & everyone I said I would before I leave

I got sick of wasting my cinematic talent so I wrote a horror comedy

I got sick of not having the production means to make it so I put it to the side

I got sick of being exploited at work, so I asked for a raise and they let me go

I got sick of being hungry so I overdrew my bank account so I could eat

I got sick of having bank fees so I pushed shirts on social media to avoid $35 bank fees

I got sick of being barely making it so I started applying for full-time work I’m not qualified for

I got sick of being sick so I tried to find blueprints to a 3D gun I could print, but laws changed

I got sick of thinking it’s up to me, so I told myself I’ll rob a bank & point a squirt gun when the cops arrive

I got sick of thinking I’m worthless and life is pointless so I tried to focus on something positive

I got sick of not being able to think of anything that will make me feel better

I got sick of not having a best friend so I started writing this

I got sick of thinking about suicide so I remembered my creative output and youthful appearance at 43

I got sick of taking advantage of my youthful looks and started over-saturating my output with no regard to other artists feeling threatened

I got sick of remembering how youthful I look with no one to appreciate it so I went back to self-loathing

I got sick of self-loathing, so I started believing things are really bad right before they’re really good

I got sick of people saying you’re playing the victim, so I tried deluding myself I have no problems and life is perfect, but realized that’s fake and not true to myself, so fuck them.


cant find fucking export

New Tape Alert: Toothless Vampire

Toothless Vampire cover art cropped


New tracks written by Ten-Headed Skeleton Produced by Z Vidal for Tingo Tongo Tapes 2018 limited 50 Cassettes. Email: tingotongotapes (at) gmail dot com to buy a tape.

“Toothless Vampire”
This album was produced by Z Vidal for his Tingo Tongo Tapes label in February 2018. We intended an April 2018 release, but some changes to the tape duration, trimming the track listing from 14 to 10 tracks, album title changes, and getting the wrong tapes in the mail, the release just kept getting pushed. Originally I had artwork that didn’t have my face on the cover, but in the end I told Z to send me some ideas and his design became the final result.