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Ten-Headed Skeleton LIVE@Basic Flowers

at a secret location called Basic Flowers August 26th Saturday 8:30PM

Was so close to calling this “NIGGA-tive Energy” and having this joint straight up sponsored by Sprite, S-Curl and Black Magic Shaving Powder. I even started a version of the flier where Michelle Obama is skullfucking David Duke with a strap-on while James Baldwin is in the background nodding in approval, but that’s heavy-handed as fuck. Let try it eloquently: This is an ALL BLACK, DARK CHOCOLATEY version of Negative Energy. Which means if you don’t go to this one, then congratulations, you’re a fucking racist now and it doesn’t matter how much Frank Ocean you listen to.


Your most esteemed host: Tashi Condelee

w/ Biniam Bizuneh | Yusuf Ali
Felicia Folkes | Teddy Ray | Quinta Brunson | Ron Bush



Jupiter Black


Ten-Headed Skeleton fka Michael Nhat

DJ: 90s Hip Hop Spotify Playlist


Fresh Kid Ice: The 1st Asian-American Rapper Dies at 53

I got into hip-hop when I was in middle school in 1988. Fresh Kid Ice (Christopher Wong Won) was the only Asian-American face in hip-hop. He wasn’t the most brainy M.C. that existed, nor did he say or do or wear anything that made me want to emulate him, but I appreciated that he was accepted in the black community for what he was. I related to that. As an Asian-American male with no one in mainstream anything and almost zero other Asian males in my classes. I also, was accepted into the black community. I slightly hoped he’d do a solo and maybe introduce other Asian-American rappers. It never happened. And now it never will. To me he and most likely every American was the first Asian-American rapper. I’m trying to think of how many years it took to see another Asian-American in the hip-hop scene on that level, and I think M.C. Jin is the next to get our attention. And that took hip-hop 17 years to reach. 2004 was 13 years ago. And we still have not had an Asian-American hip-hop act with that much influence that was a household name like 2 Live Crew. shahdahsdhadshadgasdgg-795x447

LIVE@Saturation Fest

May 28th, 2017 LIVE@Saturation Fest in RIVERSIDE, CA



The last time I performed in Riverside, was 7 years ago.

Saturation Fest is a participant-created DIY art and music festival that occurs annually in Riverside, CA. Events are held at venues around downtown Riverside, with a majority of the participants based in the Inland Empire. Saturation includes concerts, films, workshops, exhibitions, handcrafted art and much more. As a mostly all-ages and largely cost-free festival, Saturation pushes for the de-commodification of culture, concentrating instead on the value of the experience.

Details coming soon