chemical 300

Birthplace: Saigon, Vietnam 1974 (Scorpio)

Presentplace: Downtown, Los Angeles 90015

My everyday struggles influence me

Your everyday struggle influences me

Method Man and U-God’s style of rapping influenced me

KRS-One & Public Enemy’s songwriting content influenced me

Beastie Boy’s loud rapping during live shows influenced me

Playing a bunch of shows with Punk/Indie/Noise/Experimental bands influenced me

Horror Movie’s and Magazines like Fangoria and Gorezone influenced me

“(Nawt) Nhat delivers honest raw hip-hop”Korea Daily

“Nhat uses his own brand of hip-hop to contribute his unique musical experiments and his important socially conscious messages.”diaCritics

Lyrics on par with Tom Waits as opposed to Rihanna” – UGHH

“A punk poet”American Apparel’s Viva Radio

“His husky voice goes non-stop”Giant Robot Magazine

“Could be the next big this in hipster chic”Indie Music Reviews

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