New Album: Eating Flesh Off Bones Tape

    7/17/18: “Eating Flesh Off Bones” on limited 50 Cassette Tapes on Bonding Tapes  This is the first Ten-Headed Skeleton Cassette and my first release on another label since 2011. Bonding Tapes hit me up about releasing a tape in December. I started the project that day and had the 20 track album completedContinue reading “New Album: Eating Flesh Off Bones Tape”

Onslaught Michael Nhat – “Onslaught” Dear Dearists,Today I am excited to announce the recording of “Onslaught”. A 13 track album written and produced by myself. I have had the artwork, title, and sound I knew I wanted since 2007, but it’s taken me 7 years to make this happen. It was worth the wait. LetContinue reading “Onslaught”

Single: The Birth Of An Ocean Is Rare

Vanity Projects released their second compilation this Friday the thirteenth. I have a new single from “Infected by Devils” premiered on this mix.

“I’ve Made 25 Recordings in 5 Years”

Who cares about trying to stop Miley Cyrus from partying?  I should be the one you try to stop. From 2008-2013 I have recorded 25 full-length albums, to me that’s a lot. 15 of them have never been released and never heard by anyone before. I have compiled the list in the order of theContinue reading ““I’ve Made 25 Recordings in 5 Years””

Tongue Part 2.

I was couch surfing at my friend Foci’s place in Pasadena when I made this beat in 2007. I originally made it for my friend Sandra Olagues for her project she was starting in San Francisco. It never materialized and a year later 2008 I felt like doing something with it, so I recorded lyricsContinue reading “Tongue Part 2.”


FREE DOWNLOAD “We’re Learning How to Walk Through Walls” I shot this footage in august 2008. It was the 3rd video I shot that year with Elizabeth Ann (aka Lis Bomb). The song was finished at that time and I had intentional plans for this video and this song to be together. The album itContinue reading “NEW VIDEO – WE’RE LEARNING HOW TO WALK THROUGH WALLS”