New Album: Eating Flesh Off Bones Tape



7/17/18: “Eating Flesh Off Bones” on limited 50 Cassette Tapes on Bonding Tapes 

This is the first Ten-Headed Skeleton Cassette and my first release on another label since 2011. Bonding Tapes hit me up about releasing a tape in December. I started the project that day and had the 20 track album completed in 2 weeks. It was called “Cannibal” because Asian men are taboo in the music industry, the movie industry, and American women. Around Spring we were informed the cover photo I bought was a reprint and someone else had already used it. I didn’t have a back-up idea, but I did possess a newer 14 track album that was 85% complete with a cover photo I took myself in 2005 at Edgemont/Fountain Apartments in Los Feliz with a disposable Kodak camera and a fabricated mess for a photo shoot in my bathroom caused by my roommates. It is the album you’re hearing today, “Eating Flesh Off Bones”. I made some finishing touches and it was ready in a week. Then another week later I found a satisfying cover for “Cannibal” and agreed with Bonding Tapes to release it on cassette at a later date. In the meantime please enjoy “Eating Flesh Off Bones” featuring collaborations with some friends: (In Order Of Appearance) Big Epoch, K-The-i???, Tolliver, Bullets Are Extinct, Ohm Aota, & Bizzart aka Gothic Cholo.

Summer 2018

  1. The Gook That Couldn’t Fly
  2. This Usual Propaganda
  3. Marvelous (feat. Big Epoch)
  4. I Remain
  5. Where’s Your Manners?
  6. The Devil Collected (feat. K-The-i???)
  7. They’re Scared That We Won’t Need Them (Aliens 4)
  8. Cardiac Arrest (feat. Tolliver)
  9. Vampire Hunger (feat. Bullets Are Extinct)
  10. As We Know It
  11. We Stay Patient (feat. Ohm Aota)
  12. I Got The Magic Numbers (feat. Bizzart)
  13. Never Basic
  14. Eating Flesh Off Bones

Eating Flesh Off Bones Cover art 2



onslaught COVER

Michael Nhat – “Onslaught”

Dear Dearists,

Today I am excited to announce the recording of “Onslaught”. A 13 track album written and produced by myself. I have had the artwork, title, and sound I knew I wanted since 2007, but it’s taken me 7 years to make this happen. It was worth the wait. Let me tell you about each song.

1. “The Wrong Charlie To Fuck With”
This is about racism. I was determined to make something that was in the same vain of “The Wrong Nigga To Fuck With” by Icecube. Nailed it!

2. “Skin Hanging Off”
In middle school I had a handful of obsessions. One of them was horror films. This song talks about how I built a life-scale Freddy Krueger Claw from scratch.

3. “Don’t We Pay For Splatter?”
I have abandonment issues. I don’t let my guard down these days. I think it’s because I did as a child and was hurt. I think I got attached to some foster siblings and this is about the consequences of that. It’s about a best friend who was like a brother to me. We lived together. We went through the same racism together. And in the end he left too, and my reaction was beating him with a bike chain lock.

4. “Holy Smoke” 
I get high. I get so high that it’s dangerous for me because I black out right where I am standing. This is about the dangers of landing after falling. It seems I’ve landed and left dents in doors or almost land with my face on the corner of a cinder black.

5. “I’m Acrophobic”
I made a beat that ended with some intense noise. I must have been high. I was listening to get some ideas to write about and the conclusion made me think of falling. I thought, maybe this is the harsh sounds of wind we’d hear from first hand experience. I became so engulfed in that happening to me, that I started to cry. So I started writing about that. Falling and fear of heights.

6. Bucktooth (Awkward Japanese Troops)
When I was a child I remember watching Bugs Bunny. I remember every now and then an older cartoon of his would play and it’d have these racist caricatures of Japanese Soldiers. I remember feeling confused. I didn’t understand it at first, but as I got older I realized I don’t live in a country that wants to see Asian-Americans succeed. 

7. “Chong Kim
This is a true story about young woman who was tricked and forced into prostitution and escaped it years later. I have a strong empathy for women. I think I am a closet feminist.

8. “The Plates Full Of Insects”
The first verse is about signing up to hear an audible sound that kills you with decibels. It was inspired by a Japanese cyber-punk film “Rubber’s Lover“. The second verse is about these horrific thoughts I was having for a few months straight of my penis getting sliced up by razors. I later realize the pain in my penis after rough sex was was inspiring me to think about pain in that area. I did not enjoy the pain, but every now and then it makes me scared someone is going to razor up me up in my sleep.

9. “We Got Hammers That Replace Our Hands”
I didn’t realize it until after i finished this song, but it resembles an old song of mine people used to like “Everyone Knows Werewolves Kill”, but better. This is also the first song I recorded for “Onslaught”.

10. “Be Afraid Of The Old”
I performed this once and sent the lyrics in a mass email like this in 2010. I finally recorded it this year. I knew it was going to go on this album. It’s a rebuttal to family, friends that say “You’re never going to make it”. Or “Get a real job”. Every unsuccessful musician with support like that should hear this. It’s a shame to see talent get talked into quitting by the people you think will be there for you. I hope this song gives you something to think about when people you know doubt you and your passion or creative endeavors.

11. “Birth To Something That Isn’t Human”
Have you seen “Eraserhead” by David Lynch? This is my cover of that film. That’s right a cover. I didn’t go the “feel-good” route with this one. I wanted it to have a haunting stab of strings to match the terrifying content and overall theme.

12. “A Song About Racism For Asians”
The title says it all.

13. “Praying For Time”
When I finished the album I knew I wanted a cover song to end it. I recorded Nirvana’s “All Apologies”, Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time”, and Radiohead’s “Like Spinning Plates (Live Version). I wasn’t happy with the results.I decided on doing one more. George Michael’s “Praying For Time” just fit.
Download “Onslaught” at:

Single: The Birth Of An Ocean Is Rare

Vanity Projects released their second compilation this Friday the thirteenth. I have a new single from “Infected by Devils” premiered on this mix. Continue reading “Single: The Birth Of An Ocean Is Rare”

“I’ve Made 25 Recordings in 5 Years”

lyrics by Michael Nhat

Who cares about trying to stop Miley Cyrus from partying?  I should be the one you try to stop. From 2008-2013 I have recorded 25 full-length albums, to me that’s a lot. 15 of them have never been released and never heard by anyone before. I have compiled the list in the order of the year they were made. The photo is all my lyrics next to a cassette tape for reference. And yesterday I uploaded 68 unused/unreleased demos onto the computer. If I stick to making the 8 disc box set “Massacre’s Make History”, they’ll be on it.
PS: The year after the title is when I recorded the project, not it’s release date.

1000 Apes in a Room – Attack of The Apes 2008

1000 Apes in a Room – (unreleased untitled 2nd album) 2008

Self titled 2008

Apekillape 2009 (unreleased)

Better savage 2010 (unreleased)

Polite Society or Murder – self-titled 2010 (unreleased)

Swimming to Cambodia 2010

Collected Songs Volume 1. 2010

Just plain dying 2010

We Dress Good EP 2010

Living room 2010

Those Born of a Ghost 2011

Gentlemen Prefer Brunettes – self-titled 2011 (unreleased)

Picnic 2011 (unreleased)

Just Plain Dying Pt2 2011 (unreleased)

Michael Nhat & Barrie Rose Demos 2011 (unreleased)

Fair Amounts of Debauchery and Blood 2011 (unreleased)

Bats on Promenade 2011 (unreleased)

Collected Songs Pt2 2011

Michael Nhat & Dylan Doren – self-titled EP 2012 (unreleased)

Untitled (Recorded on old 2005 Normal Tape Speed beats) (Unreleased) 2012

Kitchen EP 2012

Untitled No Rap/Singing Only Album 2013 (unreleased)

Melt 2013

Infected by Devils 2013 (unreleased)

Collected Songs Pt3 (unreleased)

Tongue Part 2.

I was couch surfing at my friend Foci’s place in Pasadena when I made this beat in 2007. I originally made it for my friend Sandra Olagues for her project she was starting in San Francisco. It never materialized and a year later 2008 I felt like doing something with it, so I recorded lyrics to it I wrote that same year.

The 2nd verse was inspired by a walk downtown by myself one night. I was passing Lost Souls Cafe and a 20 something black male was standing nearby asked me where Lost Souls Cafe was because he wanted to attend their open mic. I told him it’s right there behind you down that alley. Then he asked me if I ever attended their open mic sessions and where more open mics were at as he started walking. He talked an awful lot about himself having these connects and how he’s going to be a big rap star. I didn’t bother telling him I was a musician or that I didn’t care about all these major label rappers he was trying to compare himself too nor show I was impressed the slightest. Heading down main street it was memory lane for him as he told me this disturbing story how he met this drunk Asian girl ,he referred to her as Chinese Girl though, and how he saved her from all these homeless people whistling and gawking at her by walking her home. He said he managed to talk his way into her loft and when she was passed out he “beat it up” or date-raped her to be clear.

The hook “And then she cuts off/cuts off/cuts off their tongue but leaves them alive” was inspired by Takashi Miike’s “Audition”. Somewhere in the movie is a story to how the lead character Asami held an ex-bf hostage and tongue-less.

The video was shot by Dalton Blanco (LA Lottery League/Skull Tape). We were originally going to get together and shoot me performing the song in a white room and that’s it. A few days before our meeting a bunch of kids outside of his apartment were fighting and he recorded it.

Once in awhile someone will ask “If this is part two, where is part one?” The answer is on my side project 1000 Apes in a Room with k-the-i??? (Mush/Paramanu). Tongue Part one is produced by a Japanese producer Timmo (Paramanu). I liked it so much I put it on my first album as a hidden song. And here is the song as a single as a free mp3


FREE DOWNLOAD “We’re Learning How to Walk Through Walls”

I shot this footage in august 2008. It was the 3rd video I shot that year with Elizabeth Ann (aka Lis Bomb). The song was finished at that time and I had intentional plans for this video and this song to be together. The album it was released on came out in October 2009 (How to be Microwave’s Michael Nhat Self-titled) on 12inch Vinyl.

A lack of a computer of my own, money, neglect, the video was not finished upon the albums public release until this past week.