https://vimeo.com/119183322 https://vimeo.com/119014579 Michael Nhat – “Onslaught” Dear Dearists,Today I am excited to announce the recording of “Onslaught”. A 13 track album written and produced by myself. I have had the artwork, title, and sound I knew I wanted since 2007, but it’s taken me 7 years to make this happen. It was worth the wait. LetContinue reading “Onslaught”

Jesus Was A Gook

This is the second song I’ve written so far for “Heads On Sticks”. (Note: And I just finished “Onslaught” last week, so that will be released first). “Jesus Was A Gook” by Michael Nhat Some people’s Hero’s John Wayne mine’s Ron Ridenhour the man who found the power in himself to report the cowards showeredContinue reading “Jesus Was A Gook”

America’s Worth Dying For

New single “America’s Worth Dying For” on http://www.Starvingraptors.org and Headhat Records Bandcamp Compilation. I made this beat in 2002 with a keyboard and wrote the lyrics in summer of 2011. It was originally made for a new album, but based on how news gets old quick I decided to release it now.


I made this last night with friends Magick Orchids (Champoy and Rhea Tepp). I sampled the beat and we wrote to it and recorded it right away at Malo House in Los Angeles. Recently they have been working on their new album “Origins of the Grind” due this year on Annie Hall Records. I haveContinue reading “NEW COLLAB – MENU BY MICHAEL NHAT AND MAGICK ORCHIDS”


I started this song “Superfriends 2” for the PICNIC album which is a beat I made with vocals from over 10 friends (Lee Noble, Kid Infinity, Dusty Clouds of Halloween Swim Team, Magick Orchids, The Little Red Writer, Josh Crampton of Luna is Honey, Barrie Rose, and Drew Denny. From the beginning I knew IContinue reading “NEW COLLAB – MICHAEL NHAT & KYLE SOUZA (NARWHAL PARTY)”