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Michael Nhat – “Onslaught”

Dear Dearists,

Today I am excited to announce the recording of “Onslaught”. A 13 track album written and produced by myself. I have had the artwork, title, and sound I knew I wanted since 2007, but it’s taken me 7 years to make this happen. It was worth the wait. Let me tell you about each song.

1. “The Wrong Charlie To Fuck With”
This is about racism. I was determined to make something that was in the same vain of “The Wrong Nigga To Fuck With” by Icecube. Nailed it!

2. “Skin Hanging Off”
In middle school I had a handful of obsessions. One of them was horror films. This song talks about how I built a life-scale Freddy Krueger Claw from scratch.

3. “Don’t We Pay For Splatter?”
I have abandonment issues. I don’t let my guard down these days. I think it’s because I did as a child and was hurt. I think I got attached to some foster siblings and this is about the consequences of that. It’s about a best friend who was like a brother to me. We lived together. We went through the same racism together. And in the end he left too, and my reaction was beating him with a bike chain lock.

4. “Holy Smoke” 
I get high. I get so high that it’s dangerous for me because I black out right where I am standing. This is about the dangers of landing after falling. It seems I’ve landed and left dents in doors or almost land with my face on the corner of a cinder black.

5. “I’m Acrophobic”
I made a beat that ended with some intense noise. I must have been high. I was listening to get some ideas to write about and the conclusion made me think of falling. I thought, maybe this is the harsh sounds of wind we’d hear from first hand experience. I became so engulfed in that happening to me, that I started to cry. So I started writing about that. Falling and fear of heights.

6. Bucktooth (Awkward Japanese Troops)
When I was a child I remember watching Bugs Bunny. I remember every now and then an older cartoon of his would play and it’d have these racist caricatures of Japanese Soldiers. I remember feeling confused. I didn’t understand it at first, but as I got older I realized I don’t live in a country that wants to see Asian-Americans succeed. 

7. “Chong Kim
This is a true story about young woman who was tricked and forced into prostitution and escaped it years later. I have a strong empathy for women. I think I am a closet feminist.

8. “The Plates Full Of Insects”
The first verse is about signing up to hear an audible sound that kills you with decibels. It was inspired by a Japanese cyber-punk film “Rubber’s Lover“. The second verse is about these horrific thoughts I was having for a few months straight of my penis getting sliced up by razors. I later realize the pain in my penis after rough sex was was inspiring me to think about pain in that area. I did not enjoy the pain, but every now and then it makes me scared someone is going to razor up me up in my sleep.

9. “We Got Hammers That Replace Our Hands”
I didn’t realize it until after i finished this song, but it resembles an old song of mine people used to like “Everyone Knows Werewolves Kill”, but better. This is also the first song I recorded for “Onslaught”.

10. “Be Afraid Of The Old”
I performed this once and sent the lyrics in a mass email like this in 2010. I finally recorded it this year. I knew it was going to go on this album. It’s a rebuttal to family, friends that say “You’re never going to make it”. Or “Get a real job”. Every unsuccessful musician with support like that should hear this. It’s a shame to see talent get talked into quitting by the people you think will be there for you. I hope this song gives you something to think about when people you know doubt you and your passion or creative endeavors.

11. “Birth To Something That Isn’t Human”
Have you seen “Eraserhead” by David Lynch? This is my cover of that film. That’s right a cover. I didn’t go the “feel-good” route with this one. I wanted it to have a haunting stab of strings to match the terrifying content and overall theme.

12. “A Song About Racism For Asians”
The title says it all.

13. “Praying For Time”
When I finished the album I knew I wanted a cover song to end it. I recorded Nirvana’s “All Apologies”, Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time”, and Radiohead’s “Like Spinning Plates (Live Version). I wasn’t happy with the results.I decided on doing one more. George Michael’s “Praying For Time” just fit.
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Jesus Was A Gook

This is the second song I’ve written so far for “Heads On Sticks”. (Note: And I just finished “Onslaught” last week, so that will be released first).

“Jesus Was A Gook”

by Michael Nhat

Some people’s

Hero’s John Wayne mine’s Ron Ridenhour

the man who found the power in himself to report the cowards

showered the Congress with letters about a Massacre

in My Lai, if you haven’t heard of the

1968 mass murder by whom?

the United States of America Calley and his troops

who came to murder 3 hundred and forty seven

unarmed civilians mostly women and children

living in poverty – such an atrocity

but nobody gives a fuck because they’re Vietnamese Continue reading “Jesus Was A Gook”

America’s Worth Dying For

New single “America’s Worth Dying For” on http://www.Starvingraptors.org and Headhat Records Bandcamp Compilation. I made this beat in 2002 with a keyboard and wrote the lyrics in summer of 2011. It was originally made for a new album, but based on how news gets old quick I decided to release it now.


I made this last night with friends Magick Orchids (Champoy and Rhea Tepp). I sampled the beat and we wrote to it and recorded it right away at Malo House in Los Angeles. Recently they have been working on their new album “Origins of the Grind” due this year on Annie Hall Records. I have been spending my time shooting and editing a new non-narrative home movie I’m making called “All My Friends Break Sidewalks” while visiting LA.

MN: she likes rum and coke wrote plays that sold
at age ya know i think 11 or so?
hopes on sale again win your favorite end
they only invite you to meet your girlfriends

RT: Painted circles around our eyes
Lying in the grass staring at the sunshine

C: love is but insanity with a collaborator
i should know much better
but i don’t like eating
alone…like eating alone…

MN: will you slit your dreams for what they’re worth
going back to work turns out it’s real
worse things that happen to your parents
tearing out your wallet

RT: Paddiwack oh Paddiwack I dont wannna see you back
Until you can pretend to be a mystery again

C: what a price to pay to be able to say
that you did everything your own special way
my way or the highway

MN: we’re learning how doubt it even if we’re drowning
go eat shit and write a song about it
sounds fit for a king long live the
don’t forget to deliver cooked solder

RT: Blowing bubbles into the sky
We glued our hands together because no one means forever anymore

C: how do you get know what really counts
will the same things matter when no ones around

MN: paint no one alive these days but
you might like have to wait some decide to take
their own matter wait what i gather?
is this menu right? heads on a platter?

RT: Paddiwack oh Paddiwack I dont wanna see you back
Until you can pretend to be a mystery again

C: here they come
with their guns
and their no no nostalgia
instead making music
its the music that made ya!
tie me up tie me down
then you can shoot me all around
then you can leave me on the ground…barely breathing


I started this song “Superfriends 2” for the PICNIC album which is a beat I made with vocals from over 10 friends (Lee Noble, Kid Infinity, Dusty Clouds of Halloween Swim Team, Magick Orchids, The Little Red Writer, Josh Crampton of Luna is Honey, Barrie Rose, and Drew Denny. From the beginning I knew I wanted Kyle Souza (Narwhal Party) on the song so after a few weeks of missed meetings, me moving out of my Silverlake place and in with Barrie, then me getting kicked out of Barries, me staying at The Girl House, having my belongings in different places, we finally got to together to record and of all things to happen, the tape we recorded “Superfriends 2” on is missing!! I didn’t want to waste his trip or our chance to record so we made a single “Self Help Books” at ABC Rehearsal Studio and another song as well called “Floor”. How to be a Microwave has posted the song on their blog for your listening pleasure HERE

(photo: Elizabeth Ann)

“Self-Help Books” (lyrics)
by Michael Nhat and Kyle Souza (of Narwharl Party)

KS: we ride the backs of beasts in our dreams that take us to places that can never be seen. claws are pushing out the toenails on my feet. we grow useless wings and are told to swim or sink.

MN: The beginning of windows that turn to sand put a lot of them together would they form a beach? Fans of Thomas lennon wonder if John Lennon and he are related

KS: Imaginary people and their inbred thoughts lead them down career paths until they are caught letting go of urges they have suppressed. And we thought we would all be something as long as we tried our best.

MN: Send in the clowns like Frank Sinatra only poor people eat pasta if you ask Oscar a monster can be a kid with the ability to wish for anything he desires beyond reality

hook: Are you fulfilling your life yet? Have you stopped suppressing a smile yet? Probably not fully functioning. Self help books. Self help books.