I Hope I Die on April Fools Day by Michael Nhat

photo: Michael Nhat

“I Hope I Die on April Fools Day”
by Michael Nhat

Just because you can doesn’t mean you have a right to
Just because you have the right to doesn’t mean you should
Everyone has a story to tell
Here’s where we argue on who is next to murder
Her price on love depends on what you look like
Kill yourself to get away from your feelings for someone who doesn’t love you
Apologizing for my existence
Maybe when you comeback to life you’ll be nothing like you were before, did you think we just met?
No one misses you when you’re there everyday
No one wants you unless someone else does
No one wants you when you’re alive
When I was 21 I thought people at 27 were old
When I was 28 I thought 21 year olds were self-centered
I thought undeniable chemistry was enough for her to be with me
She thought making things was enough for me to not need anyone
Latex is not sexy
Linda wants a cat named Moscow (no one unscrambled it in last one)
Normal people rarely make history
I’m sorry I don’t show how I feel, I’m scared you won’t like me
I Hope I die on April Fools Day (so it can be unbelievable)

Published by Ten-Headed Skeleton

"Above most lyrical works around him" - LA Record

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