I just love it all in general. Look for his review in November’s Performer Magazine. This album plays like a cross between an avant-garde Animal Collective experimentation with soundscapes, with the pounding dark beats of a Portishead album circa Third. Then you can throw in a reference to the weirdness of Bjork in there tooContinue reading “K. DIONNE REVIEWS “SWIMMING TO CAMBODIA” AND “EVERYONE KNOWS WEREWOLVES KILL””


RECORD REVIEW: Michael Nhat Swimming To Cambodia By: Kristin Thomas With moments sounding like Portishead, crossed with El-P shaken in a glass full of Dada, and served on a heart shaped plate of emotions, Nhat’s Swimming To Cambodia transcends any genre you would try to put it in. It’s an album soaked in enough pain,Continue reading “PERFORMER MAGAZINE REVIEWS SWIMMING TO CAMBODIA”


Diacritics Vietnamese Artists Interview by Jade Hidle In a track titled “Burn Out Your Eyes” on Swimming to Cambodia, Nhat shares—interestingly, via the voice of a guest female singer—the story of his journey from Việt Nam to the United States:  “Michael Nhat, originally named Van, was born on November 12th, 1974 in a village outside ofContinue reading “DIACRITICS VIETNAMESE ARTISTS INTERVIEW”

The Interview on Acid (literally)

by Isaac Takeuchi I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the inimitable Michael Nhat for a good four years now, and he’s certainly one of the most prolific and unique artists in Los Angeles. Once called “the Ariel Pink of Los Angeles hip hop,” Nhat’s sound has a breadth equal to its innovation. He has seven albums recorded, theContinue reading “The Interview on Acid (literally)”

LA RECORD Reviews the Self-titled Release on How to be a Microwave

I read somewhere that he wants to show people “what the music of a post-Vietnam War orphan would be like.” But Michael Nhat’s debut LP sounds more Angelino than Vietnamese, with humorous non-sequiturs, pent-up hostilities, portraits of hipster chicks, and admonitions about werewolves rapped and sung over tracks that sound like they were sampled rightContinue reading “LA RECORD Reviews the Self-titled Release on How to be a Microwave”