Disconcerted Romanticism

“Disconcerted Romanticism”

by Michael Nhat
If i were to film the life of christ i would film the scenes that were left out

“my version of the life of christ is like, everything they didn’t show” – from Leti, Leslie, and Marianne….

Hold you in suspense for days on end (Giono)
Everything is Successful because of a misunderstandin​g
Thanks to cultural alibi, there is no such thing as noble or plebeian subject
(This one is about choice)

I Don’t know how to tell a story

but at the end i’m going to feature an asian woman never mentioned previously telling us a story about failing to make her parents happy so she murders her unsuccessful lover (her parents) despise and gets a telemarketing job that allows their employees to wear denim blue jeans and sneakers to work where the office is always cold because it lowers the body temperature, thus preventing them from becoming tired at work.
i want to get to the point in my life where i make you regret that you left me…..

(This is about being okay with loneliness by not opening up, then meeting someone and opening up and that person leaves you)
She’s only herself when she’s smoking cigarrettes

​I Grew up repulsed by my sister smoking
She’s used to being afraid of losing people

I’m used to years of having no one but i’m okay with it because everyone leaves
she asked her bf before me to marry her

she has always been the one to ask her lovers out

no one hits on me (Lis Bomb and Andrew Felix are the good-looking ones in the band)
she has always gotten heartbroken and left (until me)
and I usually do the breaking up (until her)

she has never dated anyone she really wanted but settled out of fear of being alone

(but she accuses me of it with her)

i finally got my tattoo that said, “i have better taste in movies than you”

he’s just a friend, he’s the last person in the world she’d date
i guess i don’t have to worry about you leaving me and then dating him right after, so yeah sure he can spend the night or vice versa, i trust you
her: i didn’t tell you i had feelings for him out of respect

​me:​ you didn’t tell me just because of respect, but also because if i knew you two liked each other i’d ask if you didn’t hang out with him
​Moral Anarchy (Friends lie)

Child Abandoment

​Everyone Pigeonholes Adventure

​People forget they exist

A Way of selecting certain scenes than others
Christina: I felt weird doing that with you because it made me think of him

Raven: She’s not even cute Michael and her new boyfriend is creepy

​Yara:​ that same exact thing just happened to me!

Tania: My bf left me for his cousin, your gf left you and dated her brother

Deseret:​ That is really fucked up i can’t believe it

​(​Anonymous friend)​:​ Well, I never liked him anyways

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