White People Playing Asians in Movies

“I wholeheartedly agree that the live-action Akira remake should just be re-named Randy. I’ve said it many times before, and I’ll say it again: Hollywood can make a movie set anywhere in the world, in any era of history… and still somehow find a way for the movie to star a white guy. Always.” Angry Asian Man

I don’t think the people who run Hollywood give a fuck about Asian-Americans. I think they intentionally dehumanize, exploit, vilify and shun us from mainstream culture as much as they can. And your future are proud of it’s racism. Continue reading “White People Playing Asians in Movies”


Jesus Was A Gook

This is the second song I’ve written so far for “Heads On Sticks”. (Note: And I just finished “Onslaught” last week, so that will be released first).

“Jesus Was A Gook”

by Michael Nhat

Some people’s

Hero’s John Wayne mine’s Ron Ridenhour

the man who found the power in himself to report the cowards

showered the Congress with letters about a Massacre

in My Lai, if you haven’t heard of the

1968 mass murder by whom?

the United States of America Calley and his troops

who came to murder 3 hundred and forty seven

unarmed civilians mostly women and children

living in poverty – such an atrocity

but nobody gives a fuck because they’re Vietnamese Continue reading “Jesus Was A Gook”

Falling Down a Bottonless Pit

I made the beat in 2006 while visiting Clinton, Iowa. In 2008 I recorded the song and it was released in 2009 on my album “The Prequel“. The video was directed by Joshua Clarkson and photographed and produced by Indie Workforce (IWF)