buy indie stuff

i like buying from indie stores because it makes me feel good knowing my money isn’t going to some overpaid giant.

i like buying indie albums brand new because (maybe i’m wrong) but i thought it would give numbers to soundscan which would make the industry say to itself, “hey this kind of music does sell, maybe we should look into this” and they’d get a clue that there are a significant number of people who will buy this kind of hiphop. and after learning that maybe they’d stop forcefeeding the masses pop rap and perhaps put a balance of both or all kinds of hiphop in the exposure i feel is needed.

i used to not want anything to do with majors and mtv etc. and i wanted to do things like perform everywhere i can be successful like bands in the 60’s and 70’s without mtv’s help. but then i realized shit.. this isn’t then. i can’t think that way.

if thom yorke and bjork can be on majors and release authentic music why can’t we?

i first heard about slick rick, eric b and rakim, heavy d., bdp, stop the violence, public enemy, etc because i saw their videos on yo mtv raps.

if hiphop from then came out now with the same exact beats and style, they wouldn’t be on majors. they’d be indie. and they wouldn’t have the status or respect they do as much either.

the point is times have changed.

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"Above most lyrical works around him" - LA Record

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