Single: The Birth Of An Ocean Is Rare

Vanity Projects released their second compilation this Friday the thirteenth. I have a new single from “Infected by Devils” premiered on this mix.

New Album: MELT (FREE Download)

The 6th Full-length album “Melt” Produced by Michael Nhat This is my last Vintage Rap album. I just released three in a row including Swimming to Cambodia. These beats were made in Clinton, Iowa 2006-2007 while visiting my adopted family. They are my top shelf selections. I have been wasting time sitting on them forContinue reading “New Album: MELT (FREE Download)”

“A Lot Of People Ask If That’s Her Real Name” LIVE

I made this with a roommates Korg Triton in 2004. He had it under his bed and I don’t think he ever used it when we lived together. In a week I think I churned out 5 cdr’s of music ready for vox. In 2008, my friends at Vermont House were starting to inquire aboutContinue reading ““A Lot Of People Ask If That’s Her Real Name” LIVE”

America’s Worth Dying For

New single “America’s Worth Dying For” on and Headhat Records Bandcamp Compilation. I made this beat in 2002 with a keyboard and wrote the lyrics in summer of 2011. It was originally made for a new album, but based on how news gets old quick I decided to release it now.

How to Flip the Gummo Sample

I saw the movie Gummo by Harmony Korine in 1999. I was living on my friends couch in the living room in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I remember liking it at once. I saw Kids when it first came out and liked it also, but Gummo blew it out the water for me.
In 2001 I sampled Gummo’s cowboy kids cussing at the rabbit for a song that doesn’t exist anymore. Then in 2004 I sampled the sounds in the film arriving with “Don’t Forget to Water the Radio”. A demo was recorded, then in 2010 I re-recorded the song with the same exact Gummo Sampled beat and hook, but changed the lyrics slightly. Since 2004 my songwriting became a little less enigmatic. The song was put on my 2nd album “Swimming to Cambodia”.


FREE DOWNLOAD “We’re Learning How to Walk Through Walls” I shot this footage in august 2008. It was the 3rd video I shot that year with Elizabeth Ann (aka Lis Bomb). The song was finished at that time and I had intentional plans for this video and this song to be together. The album itContinue reading “NEW VIDEO – WE’RE LEARNING HOW TO WALK THROUGH WALLS”