How to Flip the Gummo Sample

I saw the movie Gummo by Harmony Korine in 1999. I was living on my friends couch in the living room in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I remember liking it at once. I saw Kids when it first came out and liked it also, but Gummo blew it out the water for me.
In 2001 I sampled Gummo’s cowboy kids cussing at the rabbit for a song that doesn’t exist anymore. Then in 2004 I sampled the sounds in the film arriving with “Don’t Forget to Water the Radio”. A demo was recorded, then in 2010 I re-recorded the song with the same exact Gummo Sampled beat and hook, but changed the lyrics slightly. Since 2004 my songwriting became a little less enigmatic. The song was put on my 2nd album “Swimming to Cambodia”.