I made this last night with friends Magick Orchids (Champoy and Rhea Tepp). I sampled the beat and we wrote to it and recorded it right away at Malo House in Los Angeles. Recently they have been working on their new album “Origins of the Grind” due this year on Annie Hall Records. I have been spending my time shooting and editing a new non-narrative home movie I’m making called “All My Friends Break Sidewalks” while visiting LA.

MN: she likes rum and coke wrote plays that sold
at age ya know i think 11 or so?
hopes on sale again win your favorite end
they only invite you to meet your girlfriends

RT: Painted circles around our eyes
Lying in the grass staring at the sunshine

C: love is but insanity with a collaborator
i should know much better
but i don’t like eating
alone…like eating alone…

MN: will you slit your dreams for what they’re worth
going back to work turns out it’s real
worse things that happen to your parents
tearing out your wallet

RT: Paddiwack oh Paddiwack I dont wannna see you back
Until you can pretend to be a mystery again

C: what a price to pay to be able to say
that you did everything your own special way
my way or the highway

MN: we’re learning how doubt it even if we’re drowning
go eat shit and write a song about it
sounds fit for a king long live the
don’t forget to deliver cooked solder

RT: Blowing bubbles into the sky
We glued our hands together because no one means forever anymore

C: how do you get know what really counts
will the same things matter when no ones around

MN: paint no one alive these days but
you might like have to wait some decide to take
their own matter wait what i gather?
is this menu right? heads on a platter?

RT: Paddiwack oh Paddiwack I dont wanna see you back
Until you can pretend to be a mystery again

C: here they come
with their guns
and their no no nostalgia
instead making music
its the music that made ya!
tie me up tie me down
then you can shoot me all around
then you can leave me on the ground…barely breathing

Published by Ten-Headed Skeleton

"Above most lyrical works around him" - LA Record

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