I started this song “Superfriends 2” for the PICNIC album which is a beat I made with vocals from over 10 friends (Lee Noble, Kid Infinity, Dusty Clouds of Halloween Swim Team, Magick Orchids, The Little Red Writer, Josh Crampton of Luna is Honey, Barrie Rose, and Drew Denny. From the beginning I knew I wanted Kyle Souza (Narwhal Party) on the song so after a few weeks of missed meetings, me moving out of my Silverlake place and in with Barrie, then me getting kicked out of Barries, me staying at The Girl House, having my belongings in different places, we finally got to together to record and of all things to happen, the tape we recorded “Superfriends 2” on is missing!! I didn’t want to waste his trip or our chance to record so we made a single “Self Help Books” at ABC Rehearsal Studio and another song as well called “Floor”. How to be a Microwave has posted the song on their blog for your listening pleasure HERE

(photo: Elizabeth Ann)

“Self-Help Books” (lyrics)
by Michael Nhat and Kyle Souza (of Narwharl Party)

KS: we ride the backs of beasts in our dreams that take us to places that can never be seen. claws are pushing out the toenails on my feet. we grow useless wings and are told to swim or sink.

MN: The beginning of windows that turn to sand put a lot of them together would they form a beach? Fans of Thomas lennon wonder if John Lennon and he are related

KS: Imaginary people and their inbred thoughts lead them down career paths until they are caught letting go of urges they have suppressed. And we thought we would all be something as long as we tried our best.

MN: Send in the clowns like Frank Sinatra only poor people eat pasta if you ask Oscar a monster can be a kid with the ability to wish for anything he desires beyond reality

hook: Are you fulfilling your life yet? Have you stopped suppressing a smile yet? Probably not fully functioning. Self help books. Self help books.

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"Above most lyrical works around him" - LA Record


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