“Doomsday on Parade” Single Featured on “Noob Saibot” Compilation Vol. 1

Illuminated Paths Records released a new hip-hop compilation Noob Saibot Vol. 1 featuring new work from artists Kool Keith, Passage (Anticon), Myka9, and my exclusive single “Doomsday on Parade” (Track 11). You can download it or buy the cassette tape here $12.00 https://illuminatedpaths.bandcamp.com/track/doomsdae-on-parade-w-ten-headed-skeleton-2

New Album: Eating Flesh Off Bones Tape

    7/17/18: “Eating Flesh Off Bones” on limited 50 Cassette Tapes on Bonding Tapes  This is the first Ten-Headed Skeleton Cassette and my first release on another label since 2011. Bonding Tapes hit me up about releasing a tape in December. I started the project that day and had the 20 track album completedContinue reading “New Album: Eating Flesh Off Bones Tape”

Gorefest Records: Xerebrl

I’m starting a label/collective. Xerebrl, of San Francisco,  is the first person I’m adding to the roster. He makes strange, depressive, dark ambient, atmospheric, cerebral angst experimental rap. You can check out his previous work via his Bandcamp.