New Album: Eating Flesh Off Bones Tape



7/17/18: “Eating Flesh Off Bones” on limited 50 Cassette Tapes on Bonding Tapes 

This is the first Ten-Headed Skeleton Cassette and my first release on another label since 2011. Bonding Tapes hit me up about releasing a tape in December. I started the project that day and had the 20 track album completed in 2 weeks. It was called “Cannibal” because Asian men are taboo in the music industry, the movie industry, and American women. Around Spring we were informed the cover photo I bought was a reprint and someone else had already used it. I didn’t have a back-up idea, but I did possess a newer 14 track album that was 85% complete with a cover photo I took myself in 2005 at Edgemont/Fountain Apartments in Los Feliz with a disposable Kodak camera and a fabricated mess for a photo shoot in my bathroom caused by my roommates. It is the album you’re hearing today, “Eating Flesh Off Bones”. I made some finishing touches and it was ready in a week. Then another week later I found a satisfying cover for “Cannibal” and agreed with Bonding Tapes to release it on cassette at a later date. In the meantime please enjoy “Eating Flesh Off Bones” featuring collaborations with some friends: (In Order Of Appearance) Big Epoch, K-The-i???, Tolliver, Bullets Are Extinct, Ohm Aota, & Bizzart aka Gothic Cholo.

Summer 2018

  1. The Gook That Couldn’t Fly
  2. This Usual Propaganda
  3. Marvelous (feat. Big Epoch)
  4. I Remain
  5. Where’s Your Manners?
  6. The Devil Collected (feat. K-The-i???)
  7. They’re Scared That We Won’t Need Them (Aliens 4)
  8. Cardiac Arrest (feat. Tolliver)
  9. Vampire Hunger (feat. Bullets Are Extinct)
  10. As We Know It
  11. We Stay Patient (feat. Ohm Aota)
  12. I Got The Magic Numbers (feat. Bizzart)
  13. Never Basic
  14. Eating Flesh Off Bones

Eating Flesh Off Bones Cover art 2

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"Above most lyrical works around him" - LA Record

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