Swimming to Cambodia (The 2nd Album) by Michael Nhat

Swimming to Cambodia by Michael Nhat


(microwaving the grissle)
This album started out as The November Album which i was planning to release in november. The great change in mood and setting between this album and the first one is vast. So, to prepare listeners i made plans to create from scratch an EP and call it Swimming to Cambodia and release it in the summer. While making this EP, it quickly became a full length. Then i decided fuck it let’s just put all the songs from the November Album on it now because i know that when fall comes i propably won’t be as excited about them and i’ll shelf them. I am very glad i have made that decision.

Great title? thank you i actually stole it. i was at old bank dvd about 2 years ago and i seen the title and imagined my own interpretation. That Swimming to cambodia meant to do the impossible and absurd for the love of someone. Then i actually saw the film and it was nothing like that, and that’s fine and dandy with me.

I consider this my “white” album. I do not expect a commercial embracement of this whatsoever. Instead i expect a slow appreciation under the radar, kind of like Paul’s Boutique when it came out. It was years ahead of it’s time. I expect the usual stale format conservatives and ophrah winfrey traditionalists to ostracize it like was done to Okay Computer at first “…this is more like music to cut your wrist to..” again is fine with me.

If the first album moved your mind and feet, this one should move your mind and maybe heart?  no dancing shoes required this time around. A return to form if you will. 90% of the music on here is from 2001/2002.
I know you’ve heard me say plenty of times, “when i buy a _____ album i want to hear what i already have expectations of that artist”. One of the reasons we like so and so is because they made this song or album and when the next comes we want more of that but different right? As a consumer it always pissed me off when artists/bands changed their direction and i just bought their new i wish i was a surfer album and i was expecting some shut the fuck up and swallow your own severed tongue stuff. So why am i doing just that? Changing my sound and contradicting myself?
I didn’t want to pigeonhole myself. This is only my 2nd album. In translation that means i don’t even have a sound yet except… hissy tape music. But let’s be honest, there’s something about me you can’t put your finger on, but you know and i know very well it’s a michael nhat project, and that’s consistent enough. When you release your 2nd album there’s two great changes that occur within your listeners. One there are people who now have expectations. Two you lose the element of surprise. I like to think i defeated both, but who knows, maybe everyone will say they like the first one better like they do with a lot of artsits because of their expectations. And maybe the album is prematurely ahead of it’s time. And the problem with that is.. there’s no one else here to enjoy it with me.

In the words of Werner Herzog on Harmony Korine’s avant garde filmmaking not making any enormous waves and changes in cinema is… “So what?” that’s what i have to say to that.



written and directed by champoy hate
starring me and lis bomb
from my 2nd album “Swimming to Cambodia” availabe August 31, 2010

“Pay Me and I’ll Tell you”
by Michael Nhat

We shot this video before we even knew what song it was for Champ asked me a day or two before if he could do a video downtown with me and lis, this was in february. They picked me up at work right when i clocked out. It was cold. This was before Swimming to Cambodia as we know it even started. Maybe 2 weeks later we got together again, this time with a crew, and shot “Here’s a Mop to Clean the Floor” and that was done and edited in one week. Another weekend after that Champ asked me what are going to do with that footage downtown? So i came over to the Malo Funnhouse and we edited it, to a song i was calling The Emptiness. That same day we took a break and i recorded a collaboration with Eric Recendez and Rhea Tepp (magick orchids). About an hour later it was back to the video. I didn’t like the name The Emptiness, i just named it that because i was calling the beat that before there was lyrics, so Rhea helped me out submitting 4 names on a piece of scratch paper “Pay Me and I’ll Tel You” was the last on that list and immediately was the one. That’s it. Then Champ posted it on his Vimeo.


FREE MP3 “BEER” by Michael Nhat


“Beer” by Michael Nhat

I wrote this and made the music in 2002 at the Avalon Hotel in Burbank, California. I recorded a demo of it then, and have been wanting to re-record it for years. When i saw LA RECORD advertise for a drinking song for this mix, i found a reason to bring light back to this song.
Visit the Link at the top to download “BEER” and the entire Mixtape!
lis and michael xmas day
Michael Nhat and Lis Bomb (Christmas Dinner on a boat) by Champoy Hate

Disconcerted Romanticism

“Disconcerted Romanticism”

by Michael Nhat
If i were to film the life of christ i would film the scenes that were left out

“my version of the life of christ is like, everything they didn’t show” – from Leti, Leslie, and Marianne….

Hold you in suspense for days on end (Giono)
Everything is Successful because of a misunderstandin​g
Thanks to cultural alibi, there is no such thing as noble or plebeian subject
(This one is about choice)

I Don’t know how to tell a story

but at the end i’m going to feature an asian woman never mentioned previously telling us a story about failing to make her parents happy so she murders her unsuccessful lover (her parents) despise and gets a telemarketing job that allows their employees to wear denim blue jeans and sneakers to work where the office is always cold because it lowers the body temperature, thus preventing them from becoming tired at work.
i want to get to the point in my life where i make you regret that you left me…..

(This is about being okay with loneliness by not opening up, then meeting someone and opening up and that person leaves you)
She’s only herself when she’s smoking cigarrettes

​I Grew up repulsed by my sister smoking
She’s used to being afraid of losing people

I’m used to years of having no one but i’m okay with it because everyone leaves
she asked her bf before me to marry her

she has always been the one to ask her lovers out

no one hits on me (Lis Bomb and Andrew Felix are the good-looking ones in the band)
she has always gotten heartbroken and left (until me)
and I usually do the breaking up (until her)

she has never dated anyone she really wanted but settled out of fear of being alone

(but she accuses me of it with her)

i finally got my tattoo that said, “i have better taste in movies than you”

he’s just a friend, he’s the last person in the world she’d date
i guess i don’t have to worry about you leaving me and then dating him right after, so yeah sure he can spend the night or vice versa, i trust you
her: i didn’t tell you i had feelings for him out of respect

​me:​ you didn’t tell me just because of respect, but also because if i knew you two liked each other i’d ask if you didn’t hang out with him
​Moral Anarchy (Friends lie)

Child Abandoment

​Everyone Pigeonholes Adventure

​People forget they exist

A Way of selecting certain scenes than others
Christina: I felt weird doing that with you because it made me think of him

Raven: She’s not even cute Michael and her new boyfriend is creepy

​Yara:​ that same exact thing just happened to me!

Tania: My bf left me for his cousin, your gf left you and dated her brother

Deseret:​ That is really fucked up i can’t believe it

​(​Anonymous friend)​:​ Well, I never liked him anyways

Did you think it hurt when i cut her? said the kid

by michael nhat (naught)

i wonder if anyone has watched and paid attention to that line in the movie a boy and his dog at the very beginning, he was one of the rapists.

inspiration or thievery?

little red riding hood is based on a peasant tale about an uncle who molests/ed his niece and murdered her family member (i don’t know if it was aunt or grandma)
no one says ragdog anymore

we used to wear top hats
(i only commit to efforts in getting commercially successful is because i’m scared of getting imitated by a watered down and contrived version of me who becomes recognized for something he or she ripped off from me, yes i said the word me) how the hell am i suppossed to see the picture?

LA RECORD Reviews the Self-titled Release on How to be a Microwave

(official 1st album)
Michael nhat - (Self-titled LP)

I read somewhere that he wants to show people “what the music of a post-Vietnam War orphan would be like.” But Michael Nhat’s debut LP sounds more Angelino than Vietnamese, with humorous non-sequiturs, pent-up hostilities, portraits of hipster chicks, and admonitions about werewolves rapped and sung over tracks that sound like they were sampled right out of the air in Filipinotown or the less gentrified parts of Echo Park. Featuring catchy lo-fi looping keyboards, Nhat’s minimal beats propel his brutal, barking cadence towards something that is alternately poppy (”Everybody Knows Werewolves Kill”) and disconcerting (”Death by Bells”). Yet his charm has much to do with his unparalleled charisma in a live setting. A musical movement unto himself, he’s got this “I don’t give a fuck” attitude that is only foiled by the obvious care and commitment that he puts into his performances. It seems a bit empty, honestly, to hear his detached voice on a slab of vinyl, because part of the fun is watching him emote while getting bounced around by drunk girls in their early twenties who are worshiping at the alter of Nhat and having the time of their lives. Fuck it, though – this record is a good training manual for the show. The songs sound just like they do live, so memorize them and muscle your way into the front row sing-a-long next time this dude plays your living room. You’ll have a lot of fun if you do.

-Geoff Geis (LA RECORD)

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