I Was Jumped For My NWA Hat In 1991

I was jumped for my NWA hate in 1991. It was black, corduroy, with red lettering. It was ugly. It didn’t fit me. It was always a size too big. Even with a plastic adjustable strap on the back. I didn’t care I was a rap fanatic and finding hip-hop clothing to express what you support only existed at Co-op Records and it wasn’t a very large selection. Remember this is early 90’s Iowa.

I was walking from my parents house with a friend to his house. It was cold. Snow was kind of thick on the sides and slushy and dirty in the streets. Exactly one block away from our destination two slightly older teenagers call for our attention from behind us. One was black and one was white. They dressed like they would be someone we would be friends with, so we stopped. I didn’t know what to expect. They asked us something innocent like “What time is it?” Then we started to converse small talk and suddenly they started swinging at us. My friend yells “I’ll get the swords!” and then runs off to his house a block away. Next thing I recall is I’m face first on the ground with one of the guys holding my jacket and punching my head while I defend it with my forearms. It only lasted long enough for me to bellow “What are you doing? What the hell?” before someone across the street called “Leave that boy alone!” Then they started running down a side street of a market.

My friend returned a second after they left. I don’t remember who called the cops or where I even went after that. The last thing I do know is I was pulling up into that market with someone. I think my friends parent. And my friend who went to get the swords was in a fighting stance with the culprits. They weren’t fighting just jumping up and down and threading each other. When the cops showed up they just denied it. I never seen them again. I never got my hat back. I think felt humiliated I just got jumped, but I also felt secretly proud. My friend who ran to “get the swords” was a martial art student so when we told the story everyone kept showing me admiration for not running. So I never got upset and I never viewed him less. We still stayed friends.

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