Mad Lucas

In 1995 I walked into Recycled Sounds and this song was playing. It became a favorite. I was in transitional period of my life. I just graduated high school the year before, I was a father, I was experimenting with LSD, etc, Paryting all the time, and fed up with the “Rap” life. “Skaters” orContinue reading “Mad Lucas”

Otis Redding Was Playing The First Time I Did Crack

Otis Redding Was Playing When I First Smoked Crack by Michael Nhat In the beginning of the summer of 1996 I smoked crack. Otis Redding’s Greatest Hits just happened to be playing. I was in Clinton, Iowa at a friends house. I don’t remember how the desire to try crack came up, but I hadContinue reading “Otis Redding Was Playing The First Time I Did Crack”