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New Music Video “Leti Leslie and Marianne” from the third album “Just Plain Dying“. Starring Champoy

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The Prequel Album by Michael Nhat (nawt)

The sample-heavy 11 track album features the essentials “Falling Down a Bottomless Pit“, Tom Lehr Sampled “I’ll Take a Sledgehammer“, a haunting Blonde Redhead loop “Even All The Ghosts Say We Should Be Together” and Criterion Collection “Three Women” sampled “Doppleganger” plus 3 hidden songs including 2005 favorite “Happiness”.

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Falling Down a Bottonless Pit

I made the beat in 2006 while visiting Clinton, Iowa. In 2008 I recorded the song and it was released in 2009 on my album “The Prequel“. The video was directed by Joshua Clarkson and photographed and produced by Indie Workforce (IWF)

Tongue Part 2.

I was couch surfing at my friend Foci’s place in Pasadena when I made this beat in 2007. I originally made it for my friend Sandra Olagues for her project she was starting in San Francisco. It never materialized and a year later 2008 I felt like doing something with it, so I recorded lyrics to it I wrote that same year.

The 2nd verse was inspired by a walk downtown by myself one night. I was passing Lost Souls Cafe and a 20 something black male was standing nearby asked me where Lost Souls Cafe was because he wanted to attend their open mic. I told him it’s right there behind you down that alley. Then he asked me if I ever attended their open mic sessions and where more open mics were at as he started walking. He talked an awful lot about himself having these connects and how he’s going to be a big rap star. I didn’t bother telling him I was a musician or that I didn’t care about all these major label rappers he was trying to compare himself too nor show I was impressed the slightest. Heading down main street it was memory lane for him as he told me this disturbing story how he met this drunk Asian girl ,he referred to her as Chinese Girl though, and how he saved her from all these homeless people whistling and gawking at her by walking her home. He said he managed to talk his way into her loft and when she was passed out he “beat it up” or date-raped her to be clear.

The hook “And then she cuts off/cuts off/cuts off their tongue but leaves them alive” was inspired by Takashi Miike’s “Audition”. Somewhere in the movie is a story to how the lead character Asami held an ex-bf hostage and tongue-less.

The video was shot by Dalton Blanco (LA Lottery League/Skull Tape). We were originally going to get together and shoot me performing the song in a white room and that’s it. A few days before our meeting a bunch of kids outside of his apartment were fighting and he recorded it.

Once in awhile someone will ask “If this is part two, where is part one?” The answer is on my side project 1000 Apes in a Room with k-the-i??? (Mush/Paramanu). Tongue Part one is produced by a Japanese producer Timmo (Paramanu). I liked it so much I put it on my first album as a hidden song. And here is the song as a single as a free mp3

Bjork as a Teenager

I made the beat for “Bjork as a Teenager” in 2002 at the Avalon Hotel in Burbank, California on San Fernando Blvd and Olive Ave. I wrote and recorded a demo for it in 2004. Six years later in 2010 I redid the song with the same lyrics basically but added friends Magick Orchids to song and released it on my official 2nd album “Swimming to Cambodia”. The video stars Christina Tran (Golden Lucille), Eloisa Hexx and Alexa Green Directed by Joshua Clarkson Director of Photography Steven A. Soria (IWF) Recorded at Malo House in Los Angeles, California


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I made this last night with friends Magick Orchids (Champoy and Rhea Tepp). I sampled the beat and we wrote to it and recorded it right away at Malo House in Los Angeles. Recently they have been working on their new album “Origins of the Grind” due this year on Annie Hall Records. I have been spending my time shooting and editing a new non-narrative home movie I’m making called “All My Friends Break Sidewalks” while visiting LA.

MN: she likes rum and coke wrote plays that sold
at age ya know i think 11 or so?
hopes on sale again win your favorite end
they only invite you to meet your girlfriends

RT: Painted circles around our eyes
Lying in the grass staring at the sunshine

C: love is but insanity with a collaborator
i should know much better
but i don’t like eating
alone…like eating alone…

MN: will you slit your dreams for what they’re worth
going back to work turns out it’s real
worse things that happen to your parents
tearing out your wallet

RT: Paddiwack oh Paddiwack I dont wannna see you back
Until you can pretend to be a mystery again

C: what a price to pay to be able to say
that you did everything your own special way
my way or the highway

MN: we’re learning how doubt it even if we’re drowning
go eat shit and write a song about it
sounds fit for a king long live the
don’t forget to deliver cooked solder

RT: Blowing bubbles into the sky
We glued our hands together because no one means forever anymore

C: how do you get know what really counts
will the same things matter when no ones around

MN: paint no one alive these days but
you might like have to wait some decide to take
their own matter wait what i gather?
is this menu right? heads on a platter?

RT: Paddiwack oh Paddiwack I dont wanna see you back
Until you can pretend to be a mystery again

C: here they come
with their guns
and their no no nostalgia
instead making music
its the music that made ya!
tie me up tie me down
then you can shoot me all around
then you can leave me on the ground…barely breathing


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I shot this footage in august 2008. It was the 3rd video I shot that year with Elizabeth Ann (aka Lis Bomb). The song was finished at that time and I had intentional plans for this video and this song to be together. The album it was released on came out in October 2009 (How to be Microwave’s Michael Nhat Self-titled) on 12inch Vinyl.

A lack of a computer of my own, money, neglect, the video was not finished upon the albums public release until this past week.