My Ghost Will Talk To Your Ghost Pt. 1 (A Mix-tape)

I sometimes find myself believing you can tell a little about a person based on their taste in things like music/film/books. Indirectly, I may be judging people by this very notion.

Since I was an adolescent. I made mixtapes on cassette tapes. I made them to play in the car, parties, events, etc. Not to sell.

I recently realized there is nothing online or in public domain that showcases my taste in music. (For years I’ve daydreamed of making a film that did so, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon). So I decided to make a mix-tape online so people can judge me properly.

I am a rapper. I think that conjures up a lot of stereotypes that don’t fit me one bit, and it’s my job as an unsigned artist to expose the me you didn’t know (If I was signed I’m sure it’d be my PR’s job). I believe most people’s first impression of an “Asian Rapper” is negative. I believe Americans think because I am an “Asian Rapper”, I am not to be taken serious. Perhaps because they unconsciously believe I don’t deserve it.  Perhaps they feel I don’t deserve it because they stereotype Asian males as timid, non-masculine, mathy, nerdy, wimps with a funny accent. We are not all like that. However, the bulk of non-nerdy Asian males that are exposed (which is very very little) seem to be contrived, unauthentic, watered-down versions of mainstream African-American rappers. I don’t fit in that category either, but I have a feeling when people first hear “I’m a rapper” they conjure up the image of the latter. And while doing so, I imagine they think I only listen to mainstream hip-hop, rap, or R&B.

Well, I don’t listen to only mainstream. I don’t listen to only Independents. I don’t only listen to the unsigned/underground. I don’t even listen to just rap. I listen to it all. In fact, I mostly listen to all other genres, but rap. I have a very open mind or ear to new music, regardless of the person or groups status in the Entertainment Industry. If it’s good music, it’s good music (when I say “good” I mean stuff I like, I can’t dictate what’s good for everyone else)

So here is the first mix-tape. Click here or the photo below and you will be directed to where it is streaming. Enjoy!


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