You Are Reading The Book I Never Wrote

I wanted to write a book in 2006. I never did. Instead I wrote short stories here and there about my past with the promise I would turn these into a book. I recently envisioned that book becoming a reality. Then I imagined myself posting about it trying to get you guys to buy it and I stopped. I stopped and realized no one is going to buy my book. And I don’t want to get all depressed when you don’t. So I decided to post these stories on my website. However, my fiance’ does not think I should write about my sexual history at all. She feels embarrassed and hurt by it. I told her Americans already are bought up with the instinctual vision of Asian males being sexless nerds who never have problems getting jobs. Never have problems with money. Never have problems racially. Never get into trouble and are the “model minority”. Well, my whole life is a middle finger to that stereotype. And I told her I don’t want to censor myself for that sole reason. I also do not want to censor myself because my wife said so. She claims to understand why, but still wants me to take down my “DJ Quik was playing when I had my First Sexual Encounter” post. So, without further ado I will privatize the post and will refrain from mentioning anything about sex again. Sorry.

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