1st Asian Rapper On A Country Channel

I do not know how a song about racism by an anti-patriotic, Vietnamese Refugee in a cape in a graveyard got uploaded on a Country Western channel without noticing that this is not their taste, but I’ll consider it an accomplishment. http://www.cmt.com/videos/misc/1450615/the-racism-i-go-through.jhtml

Heads On Sticks Release Party

Music Video coming soon “The Racism I Go Through” Stay Updated at the Facebook Event Page Follow the SPOTIFY Link will you? [ spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/1XV6KJdD4fCsTh9yDUB06z ] visit: http://www.thesmell.org

New T-Shirt: Hyenas Because Hyenas

I drew this in 2006 with an ink pen on white paper. I scanned it and planned to make it an album cover for something that didn’t exist yet.  I do that often. I make the album covers then record the sound based on what I personally would like to hear from it upon viewingContinue reading “New T-Shirt: Hyenas Because Hyenas”