Falling Down a Bottonless Pit

I made the beat in 2006 while visiting Clinton, Iowa. In 2008 I recorded the song and it was released in 2009 on my album “The Prequel“. The video was directed by Joshua Clarkson and photographed and produced by Indie Workforce (IWF)


Bjork as a Teenager

I made the beat for “Bjork as a Teenager” in 2002 at the Avalon Hotel in Burbank, California on San Fernando Blvd and Olive Ave. I wrote and recorded a demo for it in 2004. Six years later in 2010 I redid the song with the same lyrics basically but added friends Magick Orchids to song and released it on my official 2nd album “Swimming to Cambodia”. The video stars Christina Tran (Golden Lucille), Eloisa Hexx and Alexa Green Directed by Joshua Clarkson Director of Photography Steven A. Soria (IWF) Recorded at Malo House in Los Angeles, California