This episode of Alll Birds Born Wingless 17 I meet up with Turtl of Lunar Pistols and record three tracks at his studio in Highland Park. Gajah showed up at the last minute as we were ending the session, but we will write to one of my beats with all three of us for the next session. Tati wants a “Tati Party” and decides I need “Compliment” training because I never do it. Stick around for the end to hear a new song “Ted Bundy’s Ugly”.

Ten-Headed Skeleton at Turtl’s Studio in Highland Park


Hello, it’s been two years since I posted an All Birds Episode. Some friends have speculations that were wrong. The truth is I did shoot another, but the episode was too depressing. One day, my building manager wanted to spray the building and I had to take my three cats out. I don’t have a car and I didn’t have anywhere to take the cats nearby, so my ex said, she’ll send her friend to meet me at the nearest park and he’ll take them for the day. He never showed up. While I was waiting, one of the cats, the mom, the biggest one was in a cardboard box. While I was walking she jumped out and ran away. She was in heat at the time too and that contributes to her yearn to find a mate and leave her two kids behind. She ran into a gated apartment complex and I couldn’t get in. I tried and security stopped me. I told them my cat ran in there, he said “That’s our cat”. I did see another cat and I said, “No, not that cat. My cat just ran in there a few seconds ago” and he didn’t care. He was like “This is private property”. I said “I just need to get my cat”, but he wouldn’t believe me and kept telling me to turn my camera off, but I didn’t listen. I wanted proof someone was preventing me from getting to Meowfus. We Waited for hours. I was there from 10AM – 4PM. It’s Sept 2019, it was hot. The other two cats, her kids, were hot and panting. Strangers were giving us water and food, they thought I was homeless. Eventually, we gave up. That night I put food outside, then I made a trail of food from where I saw her last to my apartment. At night, I walked behind the apt in an alley and yelled for her and had food. Both me and my ex were sad about this, sometimes thinking the worst, but I like to imagine someone at that apartment building took her in, or she found a male mate and started a family in the streets and lived happily ever after. So, I really didn’t feel like editing that episode and watching her leave again, so I shelved the entire reality show. A few months later in April 2020, the lockdown came and even if I did feel like doing the show again, it was pointless. However, two years later we can actually go out again, so the show is back. In this episode, I go to the Smell with a couple friends to see Punk bands Bastidas and DFMK (Don’t Fuck My Kids) play. The next day Tati and I make an audition ad for IHOP and watch “All of Us Are Dead”. Stay tuned and subscribe to my Youtube or follow me on Instagram for more. Thank you.

On The Ground Birds Rarely Sing

Ten-Headed Skeleton – “On The Ground Birds Rarely Sing”

Two sample-based songs I’m finally releasing after 16 Years. I wrote and recorded both songs in 2006, but never released them. “On the Ground Birds Rarely Sing” was streaming on Myspace for a week or so. Then I was in talks with Paramanu Recordings at the time about releasing a full-length CD, so I took the song down because I knew it’d be on the album. However, the release didn’t come as soon as expected and I just shelved the entire album I made for them. In 2012 Paramanu did reach out again and I put out a new album instead of the one I recorded previously and originally for the label. The Paramanu official release is “Living Room”. The 2006 never-released album I made for them was “Heads on Sticks”, which I ended up releasing 2015 with keyboard beats instead of samples on Gorefest Records under Michael Nhat. I am currently producing “Heads on Sticks II” with mostly keyboard beats.




Over a year ago in 2019, I started to return to my “Gothtronic” project “How Horror Movies Should Sound”. I made one album, and started three more. Meaning there were thirty more songs with one verse and a hook or no hook or no lyrics and just a beat with a hummed lead waiting for my return. I’d have finished them in the fall of 2019 if I lived in an apt with thick walls. However, for the first time in life, I’ve been living somewhere I can’t record. It’s been a personal bother since 2017 because it’s holding me back creatively, making me spend money at rehearsal studios by the hour. Anyways, in 2020 when the lockdown’s hit, I stopped giving a fuck about who I was bothering and started yelling and singing waiting for someone to pound on my walls or knock on my door. It didn’t happen (Except for once a month later for some Horn playing noise that actually was not me). “Season of the Scorpio” was not any of those albums I started in 2019. It was made from scratch during quarantine. I recorded all the music first, then I revisited lyrics to pull from and started matching up lyrics. Most required new lyrics so I started writing to the music. In fact, 8 of the songs had new lyrics, the only two I pulled from the old/unused list were “Shipping Containers” and “Planet Punching”. And obviously, Brian Wilson wrote “Love and Mercy”. “Shipping Containers” originally was recorded to a different beat and didn’t have a lyric. I guess I did have one demo from 2019 that I completed. That was the 2nd to last song recorded. The very last song recorded was “Then Came The Flies” which was originally titled something else, but like the title I changed it at the last minute”. In the end I was happy with the change. It was made in November 2020, and I’m a scorpio, so it just felt right. The next album “A Wall of Blood” will be the reworking/polishing of the 2019 demos I never released/finished.

Horror: What Are You Scared Of?

Grindhouse: A term used to describe a movie that sacrifices the traditional film-making concepts such as good acting, character development, production values, creative directing and an understandable plot outline in favor for sex, gore, nudity, violence and other shocking themes.

My next film, while my comedy sequels (City Of Reptiles 1-3) are on hold is a Grindhouse film for the Arthouse snobs. Meaning it will be bloody and shocking, but it will be contrasted with creative directing. character development, and Bela Tarr inspired camerawork.
(A Turn Off Your Brain and Eat Popcorn Horror)
  • Highly Improbable Ridiculous Premise? Check
  • Blood and Gore? Check
  • Likeable Protagonist/Underdog? Check
  • Horrifying Score? Check
  • Downtown LA Shots? Check
  • Asian Representation? Check
  • COVID-19 Racism? Check
  • Unforgettable Creepy Villain? Check
  • Dumbed Down title? Check





City Of Reptiles (Conspiracy Theory Comedy – Pt 1 of a Trilogy)

Humans laugh at funny movies.
Humans laugh when you tell them you saw UFO’s in the sky.
With that said, “City Of Reptiles” has twice the power of comedy.
Will Your Friends Believe You?

city part one cover