Free-Public Enemy-Bootlegs (Ten-Headed Skeleton Remixes)

One of my favorite hip-hop groups is Public Enemy. If Public Enemy were to ever hire me as a producer, this is what I would have produced for them. It’s some of my non-favorites of theirs, better. Each song I selected was chosen because for two reasons. A) It was doable as a remix B) It was a song I didn’t like that just needed a better beat. Ultimately, I created the P.E. Bootlegs for me to listen to and share with anyone else still hanging on to their old days of production.

Public Enemy-Bootlegs Cover



OUT NOW: My 20th Album/Evil Doing Vol. 1 & 2

(Technically Vol. 1 is my 20th album and Vol. 2 is my 21st)

The Prequel


Swimming To Cambodia

Just Plain Dying

Better Savage

Living Room

Those Born Of A Ghost


Infected By Devils


Heads On Sticks

Extinction Of The Horse

Death Doesn’t Care About Love

All Knives On Me

Eating Flesh Off Bones

Toothless Vampire

Resurrection Of The Dead

Insert Fangs


Evil Doing 1

Evil Doing 2

LA Record Press