No one Completes You

me: what are you doing friday? want to hang out?

her: friday? i work until 6:30. yeah let’s hang out.

(an hour later a friend meets up with us)

friend: i want to see “where the wild things are!”

her: me too!  want to go see it friday?!

friend: alright i’ll go with you. what are you doing friday michael?

Michael Nhat 12 inch LP

Michael Nhat - 12inch LP

“Fiercely intelligent, standout lyrics—dark, irreverent, and brutally honest—sear over the unabashedly catchy music, comprised of homemade synth beats and/or snappy, classy samples. Nhat’s inimitable throaty voice and perfectly enunciated rapid-fire delivery (with just the right dose of attitude) complete the outfit” – LA RECORD

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Album Cover Photography by Elizabeth Ann