The Interview on Acid (literally)

by Isaac Takeuchi

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the inimitable Michael Nhat for a good four years now, and he’s certainly one of the most prolific and unique artists in Los Angeles. Once called “the Ariel Pink of Los Angeles hip hop,” Nhat’s sound has a breadth equal to its innovation. He has seven albums recorded, the first of which—a self-titled 12″ on How to Be a Microwave—came out last year.

Tonight, Nhat’s newest, Swimming to Cambodia, will be released on upstart Annie Hall records. (Pizza!Halloween Swim Team, and Tik///tik are also on the bill. Full details at the end of this post.)

If that weren’t enough, Nhat plans on releasing continue reading here

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"Above most lyrical works around him" - LA Record

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