Dishes – An Experimental Movie by Michael Nhat

Premiere Screening at Home Room March 30 2012 mark your calendar! Join the Dishes Facebook Event Page Buy your limited DVD copy at this event $15.00 9pm Dishes followed by special collaboration performance by Michael Nhat/Drew Denny/Lis Bomb/Magick Orchids/Barrie Rose plus the 10 minute prologue to Dishes Dishes by Michael Nhat (nawt) Starring Michael Nhat,Continue reading “Dishes – An Experimental Movie by Michael Nhat”

Centaur Art Collective -Feb 4th

Centaur Art Collective presents MOVE LA Feb 4th@Sancho Gallery The event is from 3PM-Midnight. I am scheduled to perform at 10:30-11:00Pm. I will be doing some new songs from May’s release “Living Room” with Elizabeth Ann aka Lis Bomb, Dylan Doren, Bizzart, The Little Red Writer and maybe more. Please visit the Facebook Event PageContinue reading “Centaur Art Collective -Feb 4th”

The Art Becomes the Artist: Geneva Jacuzzi, Yasmine Kittles, Michael Nhat and Seraphime Angelis

by Meagan Boyd At times, walking down the street in Los Angeles may seem chaotic, filled with different personas, egos, and odd characters. But when we slow down to carefully observe those who stand out, we become aware of the art in one’s style. It resonates in the way they move, walk, speak, perform, orContinue reading “The Art Becomes the Artist: Geneva Jacuzzi, Yasmine Kittles, Michael Nhat and Seraphime Angelis”

Collected Songs 2 – Download EP

Hey guys, I posted a new self-released EP for you to download free of cost. It includes a new collab with Barrie Rose of Tes Elations which is also the only song on here where I SING instead of rap (as heard on KSPC) and it’s produced by Andrew Felix. I plan on every releaseContinue reading “Collected Songs 2 – Download EP”

Falling Down a Bottonless Pit

I made the beat in 2006 while visiting Clinton, Iowa. In 2008 I recorded the song and it was released in 2009 on my album “The Prequel“. The video was directed by Joshua Clarkson and photographed and produced by Indie Workforce (IWF)