Free-Public Enemy-Bootlegs (Ten-Headed Skeleton Remixes)

One of my favorite hip-hop groups is Public Enemy. If Public Enemy were to ever hire me as a producer, this is what I would have produced for them. It’s some of my non-favorites of theirs, better. Each song I selected was chosen because for two reasons. A) It was doable as a remix B)Continue reading “Free-Public Enemy-Bootlegs (Ten-Headed Skeleton Remixes)”

OUT NOW: My 20th Album/Evil Doing Vol. 1 & 2

(Technically Vol. 1 is my 20th album and Vol. 2 is my 21st) The Prequel Self-Titled Swimming To Cambodia Just Plain Dying Better Savage Living Room Those Born Of A Ghost Melt Infected By Devils Onslaught Heads On Sticks Extinction Of The Horse Death Doesn’t Care About Love All Knives On Me Eating Flesh OffContinue reading “OUT NOW: My 20th Album/Evil Doing Vol. 1 & 2”

Free Download: The Gangster Tapes 1995-1999 Before trap had a designated genre, my friends and I were recording it in the 90’s unknowing it’d become what it is today. Today I present to you “The Gangster Tapes 1995-1999” a Free Download on Bandcamp. In these tapes it’s evident I was recording songs about Racism for Asian-Americans two decades ago, andContinue reading “Free Download: The Gangster Tapes 1995-1999”

All Birds Born Wingless (Episodes 11-15)

Season 1 I embraced my issues and decided to break the Asian stereotypes that we have it “made” and showcase mine in music, then that transcended into a reality show because there’s obviously stuff I would never rap about that wouldn’t work well in song but work better  in video. Before I recorded a secondContinue reading “All Birds Born Wingless (Episodes 11-15)”