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So, I’ve been writing scripts again lately. If you know me, may have heard of my unfinished zombie film in 2016 that recently screened the Hammer Museum. If you really know me you know about my short comedies in college. And if you’re just now hearing about me, then you probably know I’ve been casting and writing a lot of horror with all-Asian-American casts (Like my zombie film).

Since I don’t have a short or a film public that showcases my vision as a writer/director. I wanted to write about my influences.

First of all, I am very unprofessional. I don’t care about the Hollywood standards a lot filmmakers adhere to. To me, the industry doesn’t care about us, so why care about it.

2nd of all, I’m not influenced by a lot of mainstream stuff. I like it. I enjoy it very much, but I am partial to artsy stuff like Bela Tarr’s Satanago or Werckmeister Harmonies or Turin Horse. I’m also into the amatuer-style filmmaking like that of Harmony Korine’s “Kids” where he used non-actors.

Right now I have a few scripts finished and a few in mind. The closest one to getting started is a camping horror film. Which will be shot in early spring. The next that is finished is a serial killer film. Then, I was planning on doing some ambitious projects like a period piece, the Chinese Massacre that happened in Los Angeles. As well as another out of my league remake of the 70’s horror film “Death Ship”.

My one stipulation is I’m casting Asian-Americans in the lead roles, and getting people to believe in my vision and want to work with me, when I have nothing to show them, is challenging. So, I started writing a short cannibal film with a female lead Asian-American actress. I’m hoping to make it 20-45 minutes in duration. If it comes out the way I’m imagining it, I hope it compels more actors/actresses to be in my upcoming films. If I had the budget and the clout, Charlyne Yi would be my first pick as a female serial killer.


Trailer for Zombie film

charlene yi


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