My Leadership Skills

Imagine if Dr. Dre made his solo album in the 90’s and like most artists decided he only wanted people as big or bigger than him on it. The album would probably feature Ice-T, DJ Quik, MC Eight, MC Ren, Too Short, etc. Instead he chose to put completely unknowns on his albums. No one complained about their lack of popularity or social media followers, we simply listened and indulged. That’s good leadership. That’s contributing. And that’s why I book/record with anyone who wants to book/record with me and invite a wide variety of artists in my history of recording from noise experimentalists to hardcore hip-hoppers to party-ass sex rap. So, if you have an issue with me booking or recording with LGBT musicians or people who sound like mainstream shit, that’s your legacy. I want to bring to people together, that’s my legacy.

Published by Ten-Headed Skeleton

"Above most lyrical works around him" - LA Record

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