New Tape Alert: Toothless Vampire

Toothless Vampire cover art cropped


New tracks written by Ten-Headed Skeleton Produced by Z Vidal for Tingo Tongo Tapes 2018 limited 50 Cassettes. Email: tingotongotapes (at) gmail dot com to buy a tape.

“Toothless Vampire”
This album was produced by Z Vidal for his Tingo Tongo Tapes label in February 2018. We intended an April 2018 release, but some changes to the tape duration, trimming the track listing from 14 to 10 tracks, album title changes, and getting the wrong tapes in the mail, the release just kept getting pushed. Originally I had artwork that didn’t have my face on the cover, but in the end I told Z to send me some ideas and his design became the final result.