Ten-Headed Skeleton LIVE@Basic Flowers

at a secret location called Basic Flowers August 26th Saturday 8:30PM

Was so close to calling this “NIGGA-tive Energy” and having this joint straight up sponsored by Sprite, S-Curl and Black Magic Shaving Powder. I even started a version of the flier where Michelle Obama is skullfucking David Duke with a strap-on while James Baldwin is in the background nodding in approval, but that’s heavy-handed as fuck. Let try it eloquently: This is an ALL BLACK, DARK CHOCOLATEY version of Negative Energy. Which means if you don’t go to this one, then congratulations, you’re a fucking racist now and it doesn’t matter how much Frank Ocean you listen to.



Jupiter Black


Ten-Headed Skeleton fka Michael Nhat

DJ: 90s Hip Hop Spotify Playlist


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"Above most lyrical works around him" - LA Record

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