Even the perfect White Dad and Asian Mom can have a Son like me

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Sometimes I feel a little guilty saying my parents are “not that bad”. Maybe I’ve been “bought off” by reparations. Its funny, in my teen years when I would through my enraged tantrums and wreck the house, as early as 15, my dad told me if he couldn’t control me, he’d get rid of me. Now many, many years later. At a time when my peers have begun to marry and start families. I’m less functional and more dependent on him than I was at 15. During one of my rants I went on and on about how horrible it was being a Hapa man, but that I’d live off of my “reparations” from my White dad. And this enraged him, and he said no one would stop him from throwing a full grown man, my age out of the house. Hes sarcastically brought up my “reparations from my white…

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