The Prequel Album by Michael Nhat (nawt)

The sample-heavy 11 track album features the essentials “Falling Down a Bottomless Pit“, Tom Lehr Sampled “I’ll Take a Sledgehammer“, a haunting Blonde Redhead loop “Even All The Ghosts Say We Should Be Together” and Criterion Collection “Three Women” sampled “Doppleganger” plus 3 hidden songs including 2005 favorite “Happiness”. Listen to “The Prequel” in it’sContinue reading “The Prequel Album by Michael Nhat (nawt)”

Swimming to Cambodia (The 2nd Album) by Michael Nhat (microwaving the grissle) This album started out as The November Album which i was planning to release in november. The great change in mood and setting between this album and the first one is vast. So, to prepare listeners i made plans to create from scratch an EP and call it Swimming to CambodiaContinue reading “Swimming to Cambodia (The 2nd Album) by Michael Nhat”

FREE MP3 “BEER” by Michael Nhat

CLICK HERE FOR MP3 on LA RECORDS ST PADDYS DAY MIXTAPE 2010. “Beer” by Michael Nhat I wrote this and made the music in 2002 at the Avalon Hotel in Burbank, California. I recorded a demo of it then, and have been wanting to re-record it for years. When i saw LA RECORD advertise forContinue reading “FREE MP3 “BEER” by Michael Nhat”

LA RECORD Reviews the Self-titled Release on How to be a Microwave

I read somewhere that he wants to show people “what the music of a post-Vietnam War orphan would be like.” But Michael Nhat’s debut LP sounds more Angelino than Vietnamese, with humorous non-sequiturs, pent-up hostilities, portraits of hipster chicks, and admonitions about werewolves rapped and sung over tracks that sound like they were sampled rightContinue reading “LA RECORD Reviews the Self-titled Release on How to be a Microwave”

Michael Nhat 12 inch LP

“Fiercely intelligent, standout lyrics—dark, irreverent, and brutally honest—sear over the unabashedly catchy music, comprised of homemade synth beats and/or snappy, classy samples. Nhat’s inimitable throaty voice and perfectly enunciated rapid-fire delivery (with just the right dose of attitude) complete the outfit” – LA RECORD   Album Cover Photography by Elizabeth Ann