New EP “Rarities & Remixes II”

New EP with some unreleased/new songs, a couple new remixes I made, and some songs written and recorded in 2020 for the “A Real American Villain” album

“Boat” featuring Michelle Sudarsono (A Real American Villain)

“Sarcophagic” (3rd Version)

“Zombie Wolf” (Remix from Tunes of Terror Vol. 3)

“Life Doesn’t Make Sense to Me” (New/Unreleased)

“Bowie Doesn’t Mention the Boiling Water feat. ID Obelus (Pen Theif Records Single/A Real American Villain)

“There’s Always Someone Getting Burned Alive III” (New/Unreleased)

“Let’s Go” feat. ID Obelus/P0isonTree/Bullets Are Extinct (A Real American Villain)

Published by Ten-Headed Skeleton

"Above most lyrical works around him" - LA Record

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