Over a year ago in 2019, I started to return to my “Gothtronic” project “How Horror Movies Should Sound”. I made one album, and started three more. Meaning there were thirty more songs with one verse and a hook or no hook or no lyrics and just a beat with a hummed lead waiting for my return. I’d have finished them in the fall of 2019 if I lived in an apt with thick walls. However, for the first time in life, I’ve been living somewhere I can’t record. It’s been a personal bother since 2017 because it’s holding me back creatively, making me spend money at rehearsal studios by the hour. Anyways, in 2020 when the lockdown’s hit, I stopped giving a fuck about who I was bothering and started yelling and singing waiting for someone to pound on my walls or knock on my door. It didn’t happen (Except for once a month later for some Horn playing noise that actually was not me). “Season of the Scorpio” was not any of those albums I started in 2019. It was made from scratch during quarantine. I recorded all the music first, then I revisited lyrics to pull from and started matching up lyrics. Most required new lyrics so I started writing to the music. In fact, 8 of the songs had new lyrics, the only two I pulled from the old/unused list were “Shipping Containers” and “Planet Punching”. And obviously, Brian Wilson wrote “Love and Mercy”. “Shipping Containers” originally was recorded to a different beat and didn’t have a lyric. I guess I did have one demo from 2019 that I completed. That was the 2nd to last song recorded. The very last song recorded was “Then Came The Flies” which was originally titled something else, but like the title I changed it at the last minute”. In the end I was happy with the change. It was made in November 2020, and I’m a scorpio, so it just felt right. The next album “A Wall of Blood” will be the reworking/polishing of the 2019 demos I never released/finished.

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"Above most lyrical works around him" - LA Record

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