All Birds Born Blind Commit Suicide Pt 1 & 2

This documentary will be available in parts. Here is the 1st & 2nd  one.

I moved back to California in November 2011 with my girlfriend Lina. We lived in Long Beach with 2 friends Linda and Ivan in their two bedroom apartment. After February 13th, Linda’s sister needed the room to stay in, so we moved out and stored our belongings in the Malo House. We stayed there about 2 and half weeks after applying and waiting for a nearby apartment that ended up being a terrible Craigslist scam that took $1650.00 from my girlfriends pockets slinging us back to being broke and without hope for a place now.  Then we stayed at Lina’s fathers (behind his back because I wasn’t welcome there for sole reason of being unemployed), Walt Gorecki’s, Deseret’s, Akira’s, Ryan Graziano’s,  Shaina Mote’s for a week and half, Dylan Doren’s for two weeks, and currently at Tuan, Ashley, and Sean’s loft. Somewhere in the middle of couch-surfing Lina had to send her son, Hanzo aka Marlon aka Nelson, to her mother in Las Vegas because we couldn’t take care of him while bouncing between friends places. Why didn’t she just stay at her dad’s?  Her father kicked her and her son out with no job, no money and nowhere to go because she would sometimes sneak me into her room when I had nowhere to go.

I’ve worked 9 days as a trimmer on a Marijuana farm since I have been back and that was over Thanksgiving 2011. I have not had another job that lasted longer than a day. A few weeks ago I was hired at Tri-state at a warehouse. The 2nd day my phone died which I relied on for an alarm clock, thus waking up late 30 minutes past catching the correct bus. I was also sick with stomach ache and diarrhea and did not want to risk riding an hour long bus ride and having to use the restroom with no no means to and no more money to get back on the bus if I stopped in the middle of the trip to work because I only borrowed enough to get to work and back. So I called in sick. Thirty minutes later they called back and said “Do not come back to work”.

About two weeks after that, my friend Nima landed me a job with him for three days. The job was in Newport Beach. His boss, Kyle, offered me a room at his place to stay while I worked as an order processor. Kyle asked that I leave around 7pm from Los Angeles to do some training at 9pm to be ready by 7am the next morning. So I went to the library because I had nowhere else to just hang out at and I sat there for hours until it closed. I found a ride with friend, Season Cole, to Newport Beach that night at 9:30. So at 9pm I called Kyle and told him I was on my way. He told me he’d been texting me all day to see if everything was okay and that’d I’d be there tonight. I did not know any of this because I share my phone with my girlfriend and she was in the valley at a friends and she did not tell me. She could have via internet since I was on my laptop at the library for hours, but she did not. So Since he never heard back, he gave the job to someone else.

All Birds Born Blind Commit Suicide is a documentary I made with a Sony AVCHD camera that was donated to me by Andrew Felix in 2010. I came up with the idea to shoot my experiences as an unemployed homeless person to see what I am doing wrong getting my feet on the ground. I must be blind to it. I am the bird. I must be creating my own future and my own death.

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