written and directed by champoy hate
starring me and lis bomb
from my 2nd album “Swimming to Cambodia” availabe August 31, 2010

“Pay Me and I’ll Tell you”
by Michael Nhat

We shot this video before we even knew what song it was for Champ asked me a day or two before if he could do a video downtown with me and lis, this was in february. They picked me up at work right when i clocked out. It was cold. This was before Swimming to Cambodia as we know it even started. Maybe 2 weeks later we got together again, this time with a crew, and shot “Here’s a Mop to Clean the Floor” and that was done and edited in one week. Another weekend after that Champ asked me what are going to do with that footage downtown? So i came over to the Malo Funnhouse and we edited it, to a song i was calling The Emptiness. That same day we took a break and i recorded a collaboration with Eric Recendez and Rhea Tepp (magick orchids). About an hour later it was back to the video. I didn’t like the name The Emptiness, i just named it that because i was calling the beat that before there was lyrics, so Rhea helped me out submitting 4 names on a piece of scratch paper “Pay Me and I’ll Tel You” was the last on that list and immediately was the one. That’s it. Then Champ posted it on his Vimeo.


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