Who Is Ten-Headed Skeleton?

Ten-Headed Skeleton LA
Ten-Headed Skeleton in Downtown LA


There was a war in Vietnam four decades ago. Hundreds of villages were bombed, leaving innocent people without homes, jobs, or food for themselves – let alone their children. Thousands of these children, many of whom were born as the result of rape by or prostitution to soldiers from the invading army, were taken in by families in other countries.

Ten-Headed Skeleton is one of them. Found abandoned in a basket near the Soc Trang Aka Khanh Hung delta, he was adopted by an Iowan couple and has grown into a powerhouse of a rapper with primal, vivacious beats to accompany his raspy, world-weary voice. He’s on a warpath to put hip hop on a different bearing.

Lamar is not the only one peeling away the veneer of mainstream rap. Nhat is out there too, forging a path for hip-hop fans and Vietnamese American artists alike”DiaCritics

“Above most lyrical works around him” LA RECORD

“Totally effed-up, avant-garde rap shit that vacillates between hard poetry and loopy sing-song abstractions… If you like Busdriver, you’ll dig this.” LA Weekly

“Prolific… humble-but-sharp thoughts with seriously bombastic bass.”

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