Thank you for your interest in my music. I make a lot and I think as an unknown D.I.Y. artist it’s not sensible to be scarce with my albums. If my goal is simply for you to listen and enjoy and not be concerned with sales, then why not give it away? Why let money be a reason you can’t/won’t listen to my music?

I don’t make music for profit. I make music because I want to listen to it (So, if you see me playing my own music and call me conceded, Fuck off! This is the reason I made it). I make music I like with hopes someone else, like you, will want to listen to it. And if none of you decide to listen, that’s fine with me. Because I will.

Most humans make music for money. And when financial success never arrives, they drop-out and say stuff like, “Yeah I used to be in a band, but there’s no money in it”. That’s fine, if that was your goal. I don’t blame you. By all means quit.

However, you will never hear me say that. Because I don’t make it with the expectation of monetary gain, thus, I don’t have to feel discouraged about it and can keep recording what I want.

Are you and I on the same page now? Do you have a clear understanding of where I’m coming from with “my kind” of hip-hop? Are you ready to stream/download some unorthodox hip-hop Republicans/Conservatives/Trump Supporters would NEVER listen to?

Then by all means visit

https://tenheadedskeleton.bandcamp.com/ and download all you want!