Ten-Headed Skeleton Films

1997 Who Killed Ryan? (Short Horror Comedy)

1997 How To Cheat And Not Get Caught (Short Comedy)

1998 Seeds (40 Minute Gangster Film Starring an All-Asian-American Cast)

1999 Not The Real World (Reality Show with an All Asian-American Cast)

2000 Who Killed Ryan? PT2 (Short Horror Comedy)

Dishes Premiere Screening Party at Home Room

2012 Dishes (55  minute experimental art film edition of 50 dvds)

Picture 6

2013 New Year’s Eve

All Birds 10_Cover

2012 All Birds Born Blind Commit Suicide (A documentary about our unemployment and  last stages of homelessness)

Dinners in the Living Room

2012 Dinner’s in the Living Room (5 minute experimental comedy)

Alice and Malice

2010 Alice and Malice (unfinished/abandoned comedy turned into a music video)

2019 All Birds Born Wingless (Web Series)

2020 City Of Reptiles (35 Min Conspiracy Theory Comedy)

2021 How To Disappear Completely (Comedy/Sci-Fi/Feature Length)

2021 City Of Reptiles 2 (Feature Length Romantic Comedy)

2022 City Of Reptiles 3 (Feature Length Horror Comedy)

2023 Charles: Portrait Of A Vietnamese-American Serial Killer (Horror-Feature Length)

2024 Death Mountain (Horror-Feature Length)

2025 Your Driver Will Arrive In 2 Minutes (Horror-Feature Length)

2026 The Killing Spree

2027 The Los Angeles Chinese Massacre

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